Two completely unrelated things

But, I thought I’d share them………


First, Jeff’s having shoulder surgery today.  The kids are staying at a friend’s house and Mac is staying with Aunt Tara in practice for her to get a dog.  Yes, I did spread the dog disease……..


Second, I’m trying to put together a Christmas Around the World Unit, and would love suggestions of books or activities, or traditions you know of.  I’m trying to decide if I want it to be a craft type project or book driven or paper/lapbook.  Knowing me it’ll end up being a combination of lots of those things.


Stay tuned later today for the first in a series of “Things I’m thankful for.”  I’ve been seeing these in the blogging world all over, and been loving reading everyone else’s.  My plan is to sit and write several of these while I’m sitting at the hospital with nothing better to do than worry.  Well, that and plan my Christmas units……..

11 thoughts on “Two completely unrelated things

  1. Praying for all of you!

    I know Caillou is kind of little kidish, but his Christmas video has a Christmas around the world theme that my kids LOVE. Honestly, it's the only Caillou program that I can tolerate and I think it's worth watching.

    Last year we read The Hawaiian Christmas Tree and Hawaiian NIght Before Christmas when we were studying Hawaii. I really liked the books. I know Hawaii is part of our country, but the culture there is so different that it might be something to look at.

  2. I hope Jeff's surgery will go smoothly. I actually have the same thought for December – great minds think alike. I haven't started to look for materials yet – I will email you if I find something that catches my eye.

  3. Sweden has fantastic Christmas season traditions, especially St Lucia day as Phyllis mentioned.

    Also, the song Silent Night is a big part of Christmas Eve in Austria. The story is pretty neat, if you haven't heard it before:

    And from France you have Yule logs (buche de noel) and King Cake (Galette des Rois) – which you can eat on your choice of January 6th or the first Sunday of the month.

    In France, and Germany I believe, you put out shoes instead of stockings, and gifts arrive Christmas Eve. And it's the Christ Child who leaves the gifts sometimes, instead of Father Christmas. It's all getting muddled up in my head in my mommy brain (and living in too many countries), but I could get details for you if you like.

    Oh, and I have a French craft book I should look up some Christmas crafts in!

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