Princess, you are one of a kind…..

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Sorry, for they’re being dark, but I only had my cell phone.

I love these, it’s so her.  She’s all set to go in her Princess gloves, bathing suit, hat, and shoes.

You’re one of a kind girl.




You have such a fun spirit.  You love to sing.  All THE TIME.  You invent little songs.  Most of them are praise songs to Jesus, which so warms my heart.  I love listening to them as I drive the car.


You are so strong willed, which later on will be a good thing.  Right now it’s a bit of a challenge at times.  But, I wouldn’t change a thing about you.



You absolutely adore your brothers and are determined to do everything they do.  You don’t want to be called Princess now, you’re Batman, or maybe Aurora, or a pony, or a Mommy.  It’s so much fun to see you grow and mature.




Here you are one year ago, and you’ve changed in many ways, and in some you’re the same.  You’re still a mop top.  I’m doing good to get you to stay still long enough to brush your hair most days.


Sigh, you still take your clothes off at the drop of a hat.  Really, your clothes were not wet, no matter how much you think they are.




Here you are at two, your hair is still in your eyes.  I think it’s an inherited trait.  If you look at all of the pictures of me as a little girl I look exactly the same.


To the point that you saw a picture of me when we brought my brother home and exclaimed “That’s Princess!”




At one you were quite determined to keep up with your brothers.  Nevermind they’re almost two year older than you, and you still have that same determination.





Oh, and your ability to make an incredible mess with very little has not changed in the three years since I took this picture.


That was ONE M&M.

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