A whole slew of Bible printables

Well, I’ll walk down this as I go through each of the different ones we’re using or going to be using in the next month (in theory).
First the boy’s verse: 1 Corinthians 12 4
I love this for talking about different abilities, don’t you?

Now Princess, again lots of ways to use this one:
Philippians 4 19

Now we get into the Bible stories.  I’ve mostly finished the early ministry of Jesus, I’m finishing up the calling of the 12 disciples and now I’m working my way through the Christmas story, yes that is backwards.  And yes I know there are 20 million different versions of the Christmas story, but still.

Jesus heals the man at Bethseda pool black and white
Jesus Heal the at the Pool
When I was sitting down and writing this story I was kind of wondering about the part where Jesus essentially says, “Don’t do anything bad or something bad might happen to you.”  It’s a bit of a weird occurrence.  Not quite sure what to make of it.

Miracles on the Sabbath black and white
Miracles on the Sabbath

I think it’s interesting that the Pharisees who aren’t known for getting along with the Romans decide to plot with the Herodians.

And, another thing I noticed is they didn’t get what Jesus was trying to teach them.  The rules are put there to benefit us, not to hinder us.  When I was discussing this story with Jeff he pointed out no one would have a problem with someone healing someone because of an injury (like wouldn’t you set a broken leg?), so why is this suddenly wrong?

Jesus heals a paralytic black and white
Jesus Heals a Paralytic 34

I’ve always liked this story.  I think the friends are a great example of friendship and how to truly be a friend.

Jesus heals black and white
Jesus Heals
I have always loved the idea of Jesus the great Healer.  I don’t know why.

Okay, I’ve finally gotten this written.  It’s been slowly put together in 2 minute segments all day long as I work on different things.  Phew, done.

6 thoughts on “A whole slew of Bible printables

  1. I totally agree with MaryAnne. You have such a talent that should be shared- and I think it's so wonderful that you are putting so much time and thought into these Biblical lessons for your children. They are gonna love the Bible because of you!

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