Things you can’t do with a dog loose on the floor

Make wrapping paper…..


No, really.




As you can see, it just doesn’t work.  I ended up giving four baths that afternoon.  So now, Mac is confined during all painting projects.  He just doesn’t do well with them.


But, plus side.  I now have several Christmas presents wrapped, with a small notation of who to give them to.  And we need to make our next batch of wrapping paper.


And, side note.  Someday they will make pretty patterns, and it won’t be random stuff painted on.  This year was not that year.

14 thoughts on “Things you can’t do with a dog loose on the floor

  1. I had to chuckle at Leah's comment, Michael would be joining Doug at the hospital if we tried something like that. I do love the dog prints though, that in itself would make for nice gift wrap!

  2. Oh look at those puppy eyes begging to be in on the action! At least he made his mark with paint only!!!

    I thought it was cute that you were able to include your new puppy as part of your Halloween costume.

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