stART: Skeleton Meets Mummy



This super cute Halloween story, that for some reason reminds me of “Little Red Riding Hood,” for no good reason was a lot of fun to read.


Skeleton is sent by his Mom to take a basket to his grandma (the part that reminds me of Riding Hood), and as he goes through the forest is scared by a sound behind him.


A mummy is chasing him, and finally catches him.  Skeleton overcomes his fear by………..  If you want to know, then read the book.


I had this brilliant idea of a craft, which of course my kids wanted to do a completely different craft, so we did several of these.  With only one kid actually completing my project as envisioned.


Supplies: person cut out (you could trace a gingerbread cookie cutter, do a paper doll chain, however), strips of white paper, scissors glue




1.  Glue the strips of paper onto your mummy.


If wanted, draw a face on said mummy.  Batman insisted it’s necessary, “see the book, it has a face Mommy.”




2.  Trim the extra paper away, so it’s a person shape again.





As an alternative you could do Superman’s method.  Just draw lots of lines on it, so it looks like a mummy.





Then glue your mummy on the Halloween Mural of AWESOMENESS.






And stand back and stare in awe at the wonderfulness of your mural.




Now for more ideas head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

11 thoughts on “stART: Skeleton Meets Mummy

  1. This would be decidedly unpopular here – both the book and the craft, but I agree – it's very cute. Maybe one day when we are over “mummyphobia”, we will try them. It amuses me how every kid chose a different approach to this craft.

  2. My kids often have their own ideas too. Very often.

    Cute mummy craft. We have some of the card stock paper dolls that would work for this. I might pull them out at dinner time.

    Have you decided what you are going to do with that beautiful mural???

  3. Emily has been having her own visions of how are projects should be completed more and more these days too. I love how unique each mummy is and your mural is very awesome!

    Thank you for linking to stART I am adding this book to my Halloween list for next year :0)

  4. I came across your blog when I Googled “Skeleton Meets the Mummy” because my 5 year old loves this book. I was looking for the author to see what else he's written and that's when I saw your blog. And an even bigger coincidence is that I clicked on your profile and see that you're in Round Rock!! I live right on the border of Austin and Round Rock, in the Brushy Creek area. What a small world! 🙂

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