The lesser known use of markers

We all know markers can be used to color.  But did you know the lesser known use for markers?



cue Star Wars theme (da da da daaaa da dad dada daaaaaa)
Warning lightsabers are prone to breaking and rebuilding.

And little sisters do not always want to participate.

14 thoughts on “The lesser known use of markers

  1. EVERYTHING has the potential to become a light sabor in my house too! Came by via a common 'follower' on our blogs. 🙂
    Melyssa from

  2. Ha! I used to love to stack markers as a kid. I don't think my kids have figured it out yet though. I'll have to give them a few hints.

    Poor Princess. Reagan is often the victim of boy play too.

  3. My daughter did the exact same thing this afternoon while we were working on her phonics….she's 5, do we consider this a milestone:)?

    I quickly turned it into a beginning, middle, and ending sound example from her lesson before her brothers saw it:)

  4. At my house the markers connected like that become swords, long distance grabbers, and dog pokers. And yes, little sisters do not like to participate at our house, either.

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