stART: Ten Timid Ghosts


“Ten Timid Ghosts” is about, well…. ten timid ghosts that live in a house, and a mean witch moves in and ‘she wants them out.’


It’s a cute rhyming count down story about how she scares each of the ghosts out, and how they get back at her.


Well after reading it, of course we had to make ghosts.


Supplies: paper, glitter glue, markers, cookie cutters, scissors



1.  Trace around the cookie cutter.  It might help if you hold the cookie cutter for your kid.  I know it helped Princess.


And PS: the bracelet is a reminder to pray for a friend of mine in Afghanistan right now, so prayers are appreciated.




2.  Take your time and cut it out.  Great cutting practice, and there were a few times they tried to give up and have me cut it out, but I insisted and they got it.  Eventually.




3.  Draw a face with markers, or crayons, or what have you.


Poor Superman looks so upset.  I wonder what I did to him.  Apparently yesterday I totally ruined his day by accidentally locking him outside for all of 10 seconds.  He went on and on about it to Aunt Tara who tried very hard to keep a straight face as he explained his horrible depravations.



4.  Start adding the glitter glue and the little decorations.


And if you’re under 10, I’ve learned glitter glue is added in huge piles that are about an inch high.  Apparently the key is to try your best to empty the brand new bottle of glue.  That’s very important.


014 013

And as frequently happens at my house, the kids took this idea and ran with it.  Making about 3 more projects.  Including Batman finally getting to make the bat he’s been wanting to make.

002 001

And there are the finished projects hanging up on the Halloween mural.


I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do with this mural once Halloween is done.


For more great book inspired art head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

12 thoughts on “stART: Ten Timid Ghosts

  1. Sounds like Emma and Superman would get along. She STILL goes on about how Mike pinched her chin/neck while putting on her bike helmet – when she was ONE YEAR OLD!!!

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