More cute Mac pictures……

Ummm…….  because he is so unbelievably cute.

006 003

Seriously.  Tara came over for an evening and left convinced she wanted to get a puppy.


And she’s a cat person.


What’s not to like about two pounds of fur?


031 022 027

How on earth am I going to get any schooling done with this kind of competition?


I mean really, he’s way too cute and fun to play with.




067 062 063


And poor guy had a horrid accident that resulted in his needing a bath, so he got his first bath last week.  Or first with us.  He didn’t really like it.  I’m betting when the kids start to help us, it won’t get any better.


Oh, and I’d also like to introduce a new group I’ve joined, Growing Tree Toys, I’ve joined their blog network and will get to host giveaways and reviews from them occasionally.  And right now they’ve got a Create-A-Wish List contest going on, where you can get your wish list fulfilled.  It’s very hard to do it with 3 little kids shouting “Oh! I want that!”  But, they’ve got a great selection of educational toys.And we now return you to your regularly scheduled posts……..

10 thoughts on “More cute Mac pictures……

  1. I am unbelievably jealous that you can bathe Mac in the sink. Too bad he doesn't like it…as long as he tolerates it, then you're good. Mine don't particularly like being bathed (then again, I don't particularly like doing it, but it saves a TON of money), but we all muddle through somehow 🙂
    He is so stinkin' cute!

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