Kids meet Mac……..

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I don’t remember if I told someone this in email, or where.  But, the kids were wildly anticipating meeting Mac.  That’s an understatement. 


They called to check on how we were doing and say hi, and all they asked about is: “Is Mac there?  Is Mac coming too?”  And when we arrived they were sitting outside waiting for us.  I have no clue how long they sat there, but they were excited…..





Princess, as you can imagine is in seventh heaven.  This being her most longed for thing for most of her life.  Now, she’ll have to wait a really long time to get her other wish.


A pony.  I don’t see that one happening any time soon.


Not unless we win that lottery we haven’t bought tickets for.




And at this point even picking up poop is exciting.  Batman literally ran to get the pooper scooper when Mac relieved himself in the front yard.

8 thoughts on “Kids meet Mac……..

  1. Oh, that video is too cute. I WANT A PUPPY!!! My husband always comes home from deployment to a new pet, and I promised not to do it this time, but aww, that's cute. Wonder how long it will be til poop scooping is not fun??

  2. That video is SO cute! I love it. Princess is too cute. So is Mac!! It was neat to hear your voices!

    You did tell me that in email.

    I hope the excitement over picking up poop lasts. We trained our dog to go in the same spot every time. It's nice. I can tell you how we did it if you are interested. We used to have two dogs before we got Kelly and our yard was a mess. I hated what it did to the grass so we worked on it with Kelly. My kids don't like to pick up poop though. I should show them how excited Batman is in that picture!!!!!!!! Our dog is 80 lbs though, so her poop is not so little – TMI, sorry!

    So, how on earth did you get the kids to bed last night with all that excitement?

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