Happy birthday Jeff

I’m sure knowing Jeff, he wants to be noticed, but not like this.  But, it’s my blog and I now have an excuse to brag on my husband.  Besides, I’ve written incredibly touching messages about the other boys in my family……..

I’m incredibly lucky to have a husband like Jeff.  He keeps me honest and my feet on the ground.  He stops me from running in and doing something silly when I shouldn’t and keeps me from trying to do everything at once.  Which I would.  I’ve tried.

He is so great with the kids.  It’s fun to sit back and watch them playing.  We had an agreement back when we got married he can wrestle and rile them up as much as he wants to right before bed, as long as he puts them down.  He’s stuck to that.

063  And you know what one of the coolest things about him is?

He doesn’t like sports.  But, he will watch things with me he doesn’t really like.  And we have the same interests for the most part, we read the same books and watch the same movies.

Seriously girls, it’s like God designed the perfect man for me.  There’s not many guys who’s book collection could rival or outnumber mine.  But his does.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m going to help him with folding laundry before we go pick up the kids.  They’re going to meet the puppy later today (or at least later today when I’m writing this).

12 thoughts on “Happy birthday Jeff

  1. Awwww, that is such a sweet post.

    Happy Birthday Jeff, you have a great wife, but I'm sure you know that already.

    I bet the kids are bouncing off the walls in anticipation of meeting the puppy!

  2. Um hello! you totally left out the best part which is that he treats your friends (from before you guys met) like me we matter to him also 🙂

    And he doesn't lose it when said friend's daughter crys/screams for an hour in an enclosed van coming back from the zoo. :O


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