stART: Clifford’s Halloween


We read Clifford’s Halloween and decided to make our own costumes for Clifford, I went to the site linked to the picture at left (can you tell I’m having fun playing with a new product?)

And I printed off the bottom middle picture, then I asked the kids what did Clifford dress as.


I wrote down their answers and they traced it.


Then they happily painted their papers.  Now, the end result was black blobs…….

While they did that, I cleaned my coat closet.  Which I’d show you a picture of, but my computer ate it.  Darn it.

Head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures for more great art/book projects.

7 thoughts on “stART: Clifford’s Halloween

  1. I love Clifford! Your lucky that your kids understand the process of this craft, otherwise you might had some more cleaning to do. Thank you for sharing. By the way you won the Little Feet giveaway I announced the winner on Tuesday, please let me know by today if you want to claim this prize.

  2. Princess agreed to paint on the paper and wear clothes too? This is an improvement 🙂 I like her Batman shirt. We also read a couple of Clifford Halloween books (one is the same you have and another from Puppy Days).

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