Adventures in Odyssey: Cause and Effect



When I saw that I was going to get a chance to review the new Adventures in Odyssey CD, I jumped at it and said, “Yes please.”


I’ve mentioned this before, but I love listening to these in the car on car trips.  They’re great because it something Jeff and I enjoy and the kids enjoy as well.  We actually got a “Mom can we finish this?” from the kids, so that’s always a good sign.


I also like that it leads to great discussions about morals.  This is produced by Focus on the Family, and it does occasionally have episodes that I wouldn’t play for my kids because it’s not topics they’re ready for yet, but you’re always warned before the episode starts if it might not be appropriate.  So, I’ve listened to with Jeff an episode about dying from cancer, and decided the last time we were listening to AIO to skip that with where we are right now.  But, they had a great discussion on peer pressure, and pretty much any topic you name.


This set is from the relaunch of the show, they took a year off (I did my homework), and so there’s some new voices and a slight change in some characters, which is kind of hard if you’ve been listening to the others for a while because it’s a change.  This one has one of our new favorite characters, Wooten, a goofy mailman character.


But, for this review I’m going to focus on one episode in the set called “Opposite Day,” it tackled two important issues about friendship.  The first being does someone have to be exactly like you to be a friend?  And the second, what is real friendship?  I’ll have to say the second one is the part that struck home with me.  It was addressing problems we get into with Facebook or blogging of counting the number of friends we have.


003 For me this hit home because I know I was really struggling with this about a year ago.  I worried that my blog wasn’t big, or someone else would begin a blog after me and then get more readers, or was someone still reading my blog.  Did they like me, I could go on, but I was suffering some real insecurities.  Finally I came to realize that if this blog was going to be a blessing to me and my readers I needed to give that insecurity to God, and since then I’ve gotten much better, and realized it’s not a personal thing if they stop reading, they just may not want to anymore, or whatever.  But, it’s not me, and if it is, that is their problem, not mine.


So, even though Adventures in Odyssey is written more towards kids it still makes me think.  This episode reminded me of how much I struggled with that awhile ago and how I don’t want to get back into that.  So, I work very hard to keep all of this in the right frame of mind.


I’ll be interested to hear ya’lls thoughts.  Do you ever struggle with the numbers issue of blogging, or compare your blog to others?  Do you have things intended to teach your kids that you learn from?


Disclosure: I was given a copy of this CD to review, I did not get any money for this review.  I would have bought it anyways because I own most of the others already.

9 thoughts on “Adventures in Odyssey: Cause and Effect

  1. Nice disclosure! It made me smile.

    At first I definitely struggled with the followers with blogging. Now…not so much. Though I do have giveaways, it is not for the purpose of gaining more followers…I just think it's fun and a great way to give back for all of my wins and review products.

    And yes, I have made friends through blogging, but it's not the same as a friend sitting at my kitchen table having a cookie and glass of milk (since I don't offer coffee). But are you my friend…definitely!

  2. Oh, Ticia, I know we have had this discussion through email in the past, but yes, I can totally relate. Every once in a while, I have to remind myself that I started blogging as a way of scrapbooking all of the fun things I do with my kids. I felt like the pictures weren't enough to really hold on to the memories, so I started a blog. I never expected anyone other than family to read it, but people started popping up and I was hooked. I would get upset when I lost followers or if people didn't comment on a post – this is so ridiculous that I can't even believe I am writing it here for other people to read!!!!!!! I am in a good place with blogging now. I do it for myself. I love the friendships I have made. I love having a place to store my memories. Every three months, I have it printed in book form and we often look back at all of the fun things we did. Now, I would totally be lying if I didn't admit that I am jealous of people that are able to make money blogging. Even with the ads I have, I barely make $3 a month. I constantly think about removing the ads because I don't really like them. I'm rambling now, but the point is that yes, I have struggled with the friend count.

  3. I think it's super easy to get caught up with numbers in blogging. Thankfully right now I feel like I have a circle of blog friends that I really enjoy, who comment on my blog and whose blogs I really enjoy reading (yours included) – and that is plenty reason to love blogging! And yes, I learn from things that were intended to teach my kids all the time. And that CD sounds interesting.

    And, your cute puppy shot is crazy cute.

  4. What an interesting question and a confession. I have almost an opposite problem – at some point I felt that I stretched myself too thin trying to be a friend to too many bloggers and visit their blogs regularly. I was also getting overwhelmed and somewhat inadequate reading about all the fun creative things people do with their kids. So I regrouped and now I have “Level A” blogs which I make a point to visit regularly. I consider bloggers on that list (and, of course, you are included :)) true friends and regret that I cannot see them IRL. And to answer your other question – I love learning new things from reading blogs or from reading books or from researching Anna's questions. For example, yesterday I found out that Santa Maria didn't make it back from Columbus voyage – I would have probably never found out that fact if I were not reading up on the ships.

  5. I certainly check my numbers daily, and get a kick out of it when they go up – and really like to get comments – but I think I've come to a place now, where I'm not competing, or comparing, so much as sharing, and enjoying. This is a funny way to make friends. I was honestly surprised by it. But, I do consider many of my blogger buddies as friends. They often know more about me, and what I'm doing day to day, than my IRL friends do.

    We like those CD's, too. Their Christmas episode is a yearly listen-to for us.

  6. I know you and I have had this discussion before. I use to worry about how many readers I have, and when someone left. I suppose I have settled into the fact that some will like what I have on my blog and some won't, it truly is no reflection of me. Like Natalie I have broke the blogs I follow into groups, having those I visit daily, the must visits, those I consider good friends, yes you are on that list. If I didn't do this I would have spent way too much time on the computer.

  7. You've probably read my couple of posts on this topic in the past. Blogging really sucks you in doesn't it! For awhile it was hard to keep hold of the fact that blogging really wasn't real life IYKWIM!!!

    So whilst I enjoy checking my stats and having comments to approve I now try very hard to not concern myself with what others are doing. I use their research and hard work to benefit me and my children, not to beat myself up over whether I am doing enough or not (I always feel inadequate hehehe).

    I too have a list of blogs that I visit with every new post (I may not always comment though) and I am being much stricter on myself to carefully go through my reader and select only the posts that really grab me, one can just spend way too long reading cool blogs. 🙂

    I am glad that you all got something out of that cd, sounds like it was worth having to review.

  8. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am sure glad I am not the only one who felt that way about my blog and followers. I am still trying to get over it really. I do know I don't just want the numbers. I want the people following my blog to be able to get something out of it. Though I am still hoping to be able to do some reviewing and giveaways. I was hoping to have had a giveaway opportunity for my 1 year anniversary, and then for when I hit 100 followers, but that didn't happen.
    Wondering which characters had changes. I don't do change well.

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