Science Sunday: We’re getting a dog



Isn’t he just the cutest little thing?  We’ll be getting him very shortly after you read this, and we’ve spent the last two weeks learning about dogs, and how to care for them in preparation.

So, here’s a true preschool friendly science lesson.

020 017
We practiced walking the dog and taking him out to go potty.

We read a lot of books, and watched one video.  Okay, we’ve watched this Reading Rainbow more times than I can count.


We interviewed Aunt Jenn, who gave us lots of great advice.  Aunt Jenn has 3 dogs, so she knows a lot (and gave me some great advice as well).


And finally, we went to the store and bought what we needed.  You can’t really tell, but that’s the toy Batman decided the dog needed.  “And he can cuddle it, so he won’t feel lonely.”  I love kid reasoning.

How about you, have you ever turned a life event into a lesson?  I have to admit that’s how we get a lot of our science.

15 thoughts on “Science Sunday: We’re getting a dog

  1. Ugh! I meant to call you tonight, and now it's probably too late. Jane said he was crying a bit when alone in his crate, and there's a small red stuffed dog toy they sell at petsmart that is super cute, and you can heat him up in the microwave for a bit, and put it in the crate with him, and he will be kind of comforted because he won't feel alone. I also played the radio a lot for our dogs when they were little and we were out. It's worth a try. (you could probably do the same concept with an old sock and some rice)

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