stART: We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

Thus starts the long line of cool Halloween activities I’m thinking about doing.




We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt is written in the style of “Going on a Bear Hunt,” but what I like about this one, is the twist at the end, did it really happen or was it their imagination?


Way too cute for words.


My boys have been after me forever to let them paint a “Big painting Mommy, one that takes up the whole room.”  Well, we’d finally bought a new roll of paper for their easels, and it wasn’t installed yet, so we did just that.


Supplies:  butcher paper, art paper or something else big; markers, paint.




First, to get them thinking about their pictures before they started in painting I had them sketch out a little bit of what they wanted.


They decided they wanted a haunted house, a ghost, and a few other things.  Oh, and a road.





Then they started painting.




049 048

And painting.

053 052

And painting.


And, I hung their masterpiece up on the wall.  You wouldn’t believe how proud they were.  This also handily hides the marks from years of kids running their hands across the wall, right at that height.

My plan is to add some further creations to this.




This is probably my favorite part.  Here’s Batman’s description, “This is a haunted house, that’s the ghosts looking out the windows.  The goblins put legs on it, and a head so it looks like a beetle.  Those are the antenna.”  Then he gestured to show me them.  I have no idea where he learned about goblins, but it amused me.



Of course Iron Man has to be on hand to protect the trick-or-treaters from any potential danger.




And his best friend Blue Arrow is also there to help out.  I think Blue Arrow also has a gun right here.  Maybe.



For more great ideas on books head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures.

11 thoughts on “stART: We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt

  1. My son would love that book, we loves the bear hunt one.

    My favorite activity to do is painting…just rolling out a sheet of white paper and letting them go with their imaginations….Such fun!

  2. Ooh I should let my kids do a giant painting like this. I let them paint a couple nights ago and Lily painted everything BUT the paper – wonder if this would get her to change her mind?

    And you find the coolest books. I just requested that one from the library too. That makes at least three I've borrowed after reading about them on your blog!

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