You’re doing fine Oklahoma………

Who wouldn’t love to watch Oklahoma with Hugh Jackman?  Much better to my mind than the original movie version.  And in my white-washed version it’s not so disturbing as it is in reality.

Why, don’t I remember that Rodgers and Hammerstein actually write rather disturbing musicals?  Carousel, check.  South Pacific, addressing racism, and that’s one of the more family friendly.

I always forget about the attempted rape of Laurie, and how Curly suggests Jud commit suicide……  So, I did a lot of distracting as we watched it.


So, what did my kids get out of it?  You can see what my boys got.  They reenacted the fight scene between Curly and Jud.  Boys.

Princess?  She loved the singing, she’s all about the singing.

Other Oklahoma activities:


We read the book “Jingle Dancer,” which is a super cute story about a girl who desperately wants to dance at the upcoming dances, but isn’t able to get a skirt in time.  So, she comes up with an original solution to the problem (I won’t tell it here, but you won’t regret reading it).


Afterwards we made Jingle bracelets.  This works best threaded onto yarn, not pipe cleaners.  They happily threaded lots of beads on, and I tied it shut and we shook them and listened to them jingling as we danced.

And when we were done with the activity I found the bells I had intended to use for this silly project.

And beads roll impressively well on the sidewalk, in case you are wondering.  Very well.

So, then we chased them………

Honestly, most of the books I found were a bust.  But, here’s the pieces I’ll put together later.
9 8

If you want to download the printables, just click on the link and it’ll take you to the page.

And, next I think we’re off to Florida, why?  I want an easy state next.  And the kids pointed to it randomly and asked about it.  Any Florida suggestions?  I remember Superheroes and Princesses did manatees.

And, now head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn to see more great Geography/History ideas.

Shibley Smiles

Oh, and someone was nice enough to share this site from Homeschool Share with me at the giveaway, and I wanted to share it with you.

11 thoughts on “You’re doing fine Oklahoma………

  1. I love Hugh Jackman! Isn't he amazing? From Oklahoma to Wolverine!

    My daughter always loves the singing too. Your boys remind me of my boys. WE go see The Nutcracker every year and what do the boys like about it? The battle between the nutcracker and the mouse king! Reagan, of course, loves the dancing.

    When we did Florida, we did manatees, alligators, and orange juice with a tiny bit of Disney because that was the whole reason my kids picked Florida. Our next state is going to be Utah.

  2. I love Leah's suggestion! It's too early for me to think of a suggestion sorry! Love how the boys fought through some of the scenes.

    Thank you for linking up.

  3. I live in Florida so I am thinking of some suggestions. Well of course, there is manatees, beaches, oranges, everglades, alligators, space center, and Disney World.

    Also the movies (and chapter books) Hoot and Because of Winn Dixie are both set in Florida.

    If I think of anything else today, I ewill leave another comment later.

  4. Beads roll really well on tile floors, as well… REALLY well…

    I think I'll see if our library has that Jingle Dancer book. We did borrow that Wheat Doll book, and it's a great story!

  5. I am so thrilled to learn that Hugh Jackman did a version of Oklahoma! I'm going to have to watch that. But yeah, it's pretty dark – we did it as our musical the first year I was in high school.

  6. I forgot about Oklahoma's themes too. South Pacific I remember. It was just on PBS last week.

    I love the projects. JDaniel would love a jingle bracelet.

    Thanks for linking up to Read.Explore.Learn.

  7. I didn't realize those musicals had such themes. And no, I have never seen them. My girls would definitely be into the songs. But I am sure they would pick up on the bad stuff too.
    You sound like me. I always find what I need after the fact. Gets frustrating actually.
    Sorry, can't help with the Florida advice. Though it looks like you got some great advice already. We haven't been coming along very well with our state studies. Never sure what to do. And I still have so many postcards missing. New Jersey should be next, but I don't have a postcard. Gotta get off my duff and figure out what I am doing. I am slowly losing the organization I had at the beginning of September.
    Looks like you have some neat printables. Wish we had money for printer ink at times.

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