Our memory verses for this month

Each month our church has a theme and Bible verse for our kids to memorize.

I got inspired by Jolanthe’s Awana verses over at Homeschool Creations, so I created my own for my kid’s verses.

This month the theme for preschoolers is: God loves me, and there’s nothing cuter than your 3 year old telling you about this.  Trust me.


This month in elementary school, how scary is it my boys are in kindergarten?  Back to what I was saying, the kids are learning about initiative.  This curriculum takes a month to learn about different character attributes of God.  So, God showed initiative when He created the world and when He sent Jesus to earth…….. 


My plans for these:

First page is going to be  on the refrigerator and probably up in the loft to see.

Second page will be printed off and cut apart.  I’m going to make a book for each kid of all the verses they’ve learned.  This means I need to go back and make last month’s verses also…….

Third page will be cut apart, and they have to glue it down in order in their reading books.

I’m going to link this up with Works for Me Wednesday and over to Fantastic Five (I guess I did have a post this week after all).

5 thoughts on “Our memory verses for this month

  1. OK, first of all, how CREATIVE are you? The pic of your kiddos for the verse- I am greatly impressed!

    Second of all, I am SO GRATEFUL to have you linking up to Bible Alive! I KNOW God will bless others through your ideas.

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