GIVEAWAY of jewelry!

I’m so excited about this giveaway because it’s for a friend of mine’s brand new jewelry store, and by brand new I mean fairly new.

Kristi was one of my very first blogging friends and she has the cutest little boy, and she started making jewelry a few months ago, and as a super sweet surprise she sent me a necklace with my kids’ name on it, now I’m not going to show you that one (but it is one of her sample necklaces in her shop), but I will show you the one I bought for a friend.
Isn’t that cute?  It’s a birthday present for my friend, and she chose everything she liked about it.  So you can customize her necklaces from what the samples say.

Princess loves my necklace and will sit there and repeat over and over, “This is Superman’s name, and this is Batman’s name, and that’s MY NAME!” (excited squeal at that point).

Are you ready for the giveaway?
She is offering one simple stamped necklace (and isn’t that bird cute?  or can you imagine a rose there?  my daughter would love that) to one of my readers.

Go to her shop and tell me what your favorite item is.


1.  Buy a necklace, we all have friends and family who love jewelry, how cool would it be to get something personalized?  And if you mention my blog at checkout you get 10% off. WORTH 5 ENTRIES, comment 5 times

2.  Be a follower or subscriber. WORTH 2, comment twice

3.  Like me on facebook.

4.  If you know of a good book for the state you live in and can give me a recommendation I’d love recommendations.  Heck if you know more than 1, I’ll give you an entry for each one you’re willing to enter into a separate comment.

LEGAL STUFF:  She gave me the necklace because she’s my friend, and before I said I’d review it, so that did not change my review, and the second necklace I bought.  This is limited to United States and Canada unless I hear otherwise.  Giveaway will end in 1 week (October 3, 2010 give or take a day).

36 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY of jewelry!

  1. I like the Flower Circle Hand Stamped Necklace Copper Silver Twins, but I'd like “mom” on the flower and my kids' names on the other charm. Beautiful jewelry! 🙂

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. So pretty 🙂 We have a class coming up at church to learn how to make these- hers are so pretty! I love the one called “Copper Bloom- Joy.” The texture and color is wonderful. Very talented gal!

  3. My favorite is the Silver Bloom, the double layers are so pretty and I love how there is just a bit a second color.

    PS: I also wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award in my post tomorrow. You don't have to do anything with it, I just wanted you to know:)

  4. Isn't it exciting when a friend shares their creativity and talents via an Etsy shop.

    I understand that I am not eligible for the giveaway – posting Down Under is expensive 😦

    But I had to check out the shop and love that there is such flexibility with the creations. Personalised jewellery is so special. I really like the mini personalised quote necklace and the silver bloom really caught my eye too.

  5. Okay, for Montana, I suggest “First Dog, Unleashed in the Montana Capitol” by Jessica Solberg. It's the story of our current gov's dog – with asides about the state government, and how it works. It's kind of different. We didn't see Jag on our trip to the capitol – just as well since I'm not a real dog lover, but there is an email address for the dog, in the book – and you can see his picture on the Montana for Kids website.

  6. Do you know about I just finished a 2 year study of the 50 states in a Five In A Row kind of study. I started with actual FIAR books and finished with books I chose for the rest of the states. On HSS you can search books by state.

    I live in CA…and I know you've visited here, but my favorite books are Nine for California, and Boom Town. I love Pop's Bridge and Maybelle the Cable Car about San Francisco.

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