Science Sunday: More flooding

Since our school work this week pretty much was student directed, what with my running around like a madman trying to put together funeral arrangements, I thought to show you what was the result around my house of the flooding.




So, this is taken with my phone through the car windshield.  All of the roads around my house have many different creeks running across them.  So, this is a residential street, and as you can see the road is completely flooded.  Several houses in the area had to be evacuated.  What was previously not in the 100 year flood plain is again.



One of the major roads in the area was flooded.  I thought about taking a picture, but figured it’d be bad to do when most of the road is closed down, and it’s down to two lanes and we’re theoretically going 65.


Sometimes I do show the better part of valor, i.e. discretion.  Rarely.


And someone asked about my backyard.  The flooding probably got to about two feet tall at its highest over by the fence.  Our yard is graded to keep water away from the house, so while the back part was fairly deep in water (as you can see from last year’s flood), by morning it was down to about ankle height.




My theory on the flooding, this is part of why the Southwest gets so much flooding.  The ground tends to get dry and baked, and we tend to get torrential amounts of rain.  Because of how quickly all that rain comes it can’t be absorbed by the ground as quickly as it comes down, so it puddles up on top of the ground.


For those who are curious we did an experiment earlier that covered a little of this.


And for those who are wondering, the memorial service for my step-father was yesterday, and so in theory life should be getting back to normal, maybe.  Probably not, because I’m discovering there is a lot to do when someone dies unexpectedly.

9 thoughts on “Science Sunday: More flooding

  1. Wow, I had no idea that Austin area gets so much rain until you were talking about it during last year's flood. I hope that it's not something that will happen every year – it must be hard to deal with water, especially right now on top of everything else. May your stepfather rest in peace.

  2. Yikes, look at all that water, and here I was all excited over the amount that was standing in our driveway headed toward our garage yesterday after only 2 minutes of rain. We had nothing like that!

  3. I really feel for you, both for the inconvenience of the flooding and for the unhappiness that I know your loss is bringing to your family. God Bless You all.

  4. Flooding is a frustrating problem. Our area has had some flooding problems not this spring but the two springs prior. My grandparents' driveway completely washed out both times and we had to get them out using a four-wheeler (the first time my grandmother ever rode on one – she's 90). Grandpa said he's never seen the bottoms flood that much and he's lived there his entire life. Luckily their house sits high up. Hopefully your home is OK, too.

  5. I have not been very diligent at getting around to blogs I was visiting regularly, so this is the first I heard about your step-father. I am so sorry for your loss. Will be praying. And of course, when it rains, it pours, especially when so inconvenient. Hoping things calm down for you.

    Do have to say I like your theory on the flooding.

  6. It probably wasn't the best time for you to deal with flooding. At least it doesn't get in your house. We had a huge rainstorm here in the spring and a lot of people had water in their basements. We were lucky to not have that problem.

    I hope things are getting a little more normal around your house.

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