Math Links: Skip Counting and Doubles

What do these have to do with each other?  Well, nothing really other than I’ve started putting together a math book to help them with their math.


Our math lesson this week was about skip counting, and I remembered a super cool printable that Jolanthe had made over at Homeschool Creations, so I hopped over there and printed those off.  First one to a page, and then 3 copies at 4 to a page (you’ll understand why in a sec).


Then I scanned in the doubles book I made when I was teaching, because a few weeks ago we touched on the doubles, and made that into a book (you’re about to get two different versions, one to print one page at a time, and one that I used to print multiple pages at once).

My Doubles Book



Superman completing his math with the help of his cool new book, using my cool new binding machine (FYI, I glued the pages together since I forgot to print on cardstock, added benefit it’s double-sided now).


And, that would be all I had written prior to Patrick (my step-father dying), and I”m too tired to write more, but I want to get this published.


So, head on over to Joyful Learner to see other great math ideas.

12 thoughts on “Math Links: Skip Counting and Doubles

  1. This book is very cute – and a great teaching tool. Thanks for sharing it!

    And I am so sorry about your step-father. We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. We will also be using your book – it's going global! Savvy will really enjoy the pictures and they are perfect for learning about doubles. Thank you for sharing this.

    We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers.

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