Science Sunday: Rain

So, this past week it’s been raining.  Perfect opportunity to see how rain effects our world right?




To begin our experiment we gather four of the same cup, and chose 4 different places to put them.  We put two in the front yard, and two in the back.



We went to check on our cups a couple of times during the torrential downpour of that day.  After a few hours there was about an inch or so in the bottom of each cup.


The one  in the backyard next to the slide had all sorts of stuff in it, and the one next to the spout had been knocked over.  So we set it back up.



Right before going to bed we checked on all the cups and they were about half full.  And that night is when the real downpour started.


The next morning we went to check on the cups in the front yard and they were full and overflowing.  The kids put their hands in them and reported it was a little cold.



Then we went to the backyard.  First the cup by the spout was only half full.


Now, this is where the cup under the slide should be.  It’s not there.  Neither is the cushion that goes under the slide.  Our baby pool is also missing from this side of the yard.




We see all sorts of interesting evidence.  This 5 gallon bucket was empty, but now is full.



You can’t see it too clearly, but this is a ball of twine that had been unrolled and went across the entire backyard, and then across a large portion of the neighbor’s yard.




030029032   031

This is the state of our fence.  It was broken in 3 different places.


Can you see the evidence gathering for what happened?



034 033

We finally found the baby pool, over in the back corner of the yard.  Full to the brim.


So, what do you think happened?  If you want to know my guess, check out this post from last year, where the same thing happened in daylight so I could take pictures.


And for those who are wondering about the chicken mummy, come back on Wednesday to see it’s final state.

11 thoughts on “Science Sunday: Rain

  1. The pictures from the previous year are amazing. Does the flood water recede or soak up that quickly? I live in RI and when we have a flood, it doesn't usually disappear quickly.

    Great lessons for rain. We'll start putting cups under the gutters next time it rains.

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