We got the wrong season in our books this week


When we went to the library last my kids were just grabbing books like crazy, “Can I get this?”  So on and so forth.  But most of the books they grabbed were holiday books, and while I’m not opposed to the occasional out of season book, it seemed like that was all they grabbed.  So, when they grabbed all those snow books, I relented a little.  They got two.


Snow on the Farm– It’s really rather cute, and nicely done.  Kind of reminiscent of Little House in the Big Woods in feel.


Snow– Ummm, my kids are pretty much too old for this, but it’s a cute little snow book and they had lots of fun looking at the pictures of snow.


Pappy’s Handkerchief– This is one from our Oklahoma studies.  I got it because I felt bad about putting back a book about African Americans (that was definitely way TOO OLD, not for 5 year olds).  And I got excited thinking this would be a great one to introduce so many concepts about Oklahoma.  Ummm, it fell so flat.  They couldn’t concentrate for it at all.  It’d be great in a few years, just not yet.


A Taste of Honey– Our first hit of the week, to all involved.  And it totally reminded me of my kids.  The Daddy is making a sandwich for his daughter and she’s asking where the honey came from, “Then where Daddy?”  So it goes through the whole process backwards.  From the store, to the bee farm, to the hive, and so on.  Super cute.


If You Give a Pig a Party– I love her books, so I was super happy when these were the books at Chik-Fil-A when we ate there today.  So, now I have a couple of copies of the “Mouse….. School” book, and a second or third of “Moose…. Muffin,” but who doesn’t love these books.  So many great activities to do with them.


And as always there were others, I just never remember the ones that were “Wow” books while I’m writing this, but those last two are the best in my mind.


Now head on over to Natalie at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to read about more books.

4 thoughts on “We got the wrong season in our books this week

  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I had a lot of flops of my own trying state books. Too funny that the kids chose winter books, it happened to us recently with Easter books when Anna picked 4 different ones in one week. Taste of Honey sounds really good!

  2. I love Laura Numeroff books too. We own most of her books because my kids love them so much.

    We brought home an Easter book and a St. Patrick's Day book last week. Talk about being out of season.

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