stART: Wheat Doll

So, like I said we all liked this book.  And what do we do with a book we like?  Make an art project or two or three.

Project 1: Wooden spool and bead doll (I apparently did not take pictures of all the steps to make this, that will be remedied).

You can see Superman’s doll in the bottom left hand corner.  He’s busy making a trap out of pipe cleaners, beads, and yarn.

We make a lot of traps in this house.  A LOT.102

Project 2: pipe cleaner and bead doll (tutorial for this has the pictures and will be coming).  This was Princess’ favorite method, her brothers liked the other one more.

And Project 3 (the one this post is mainly about):
020 015

Supplies: doll shaped cookie cutter, paint or stamp pad (I think paint would work better in retrospect), crayons, paper


1.  Fold your paper in half (this is to be able to the before and after).

On the outside stamp a doll outline, and then stamp a second on the inside.


2.  Color what happened to the doll at the beginning and the end of the story.  Sticking your tongue out helps you color better.

You might also need to draw an Iron Man or two to help rescue the doll.

021 014
There you go, now they have a quick and simple summary of what happened to the doll.  If I told you exactly what the pictures mean that’d ruin the surprise of the story.  But it’s totally worth reading to find out.

Now, head on over to A Mommy’s Adventures to see the other great projects people did this week!

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