stART: Grouchy Ladybug, or “If you read a homeschooler a book”

Oh, wait that’s a silly title.  Oh well, I’m sure this will crack you up.


008 Before I start the “directions” here’s the supplies:


file folder, construction paper, index cards, 1.5” square punch (optional, but makes life easier), paper cutter (again optional, but makes cutting easier).


If you read “The Grouchy Ladybug” to your kids, they might decide they want to play the ladybug game.


When they go to find it they’ll discover it’s no longer where it was, because a mean Mommy gave it to Goodwill because they kids weren’t playing with it (cough cough, no idea who this mean Mommy is).



So, they’ll start to make their own.  First they’ll draw their figures.




Than they’ll draw the aphids for the ladybugs to eat.  That’ll remind them that they’re hungry.





So, while they cut their papers they’ll sit there and talk about how hungry they are, and “Mommy I know I just finished breakfast, but can I have more food?”




But maybe the ladybugs are even more hungry than they are, so they start to count the aphids.





How to play: start at the purple square, roll the die and move that many spaces.  After you have moved get a question card (sneaky Mommy throwing review questions in there).  If you answered the question right you get an aphid.  If you land on a NO space then move back 2.


And chances are if you make a Ladybug game they’re going to want to read the book again………


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Fun easy geography game

us and neighbors

So ages ago when I had a gift certificate to Currclick I bought this cool set, basically it’s a PDF of the states with a picture of the state and it’s name.  I’ve printed two copies to play Go Fish in the future, but for right now we’re just matching it on the map.

So, how do we play the game?

024 022 023

Basically we take turns drawing a state and then crawling across the map (or that’s Princess’ theory) to find it and putting a push pin in.  The push pin is the key.  It’s much more fun when using something that could draw blood if improperly handled.

So, that’s our quick geography game.  As Natalie commented, almost everything turns into a game at our house.  “I bet I can get _______ done before you can.”

Sigh, kids.  Who I should probably let out of the room now.  Maybe.  I’ve threatened horrible things.

I’m going to remember to hook this up to Debbie over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn, and then I might include this as a Works for Me Wednesday tip.

Come back next week to see what not to study for Oklahoma (hint it involves music and my boys trying to reenact parts……).

Running errands as seen by my kids

I had a theory of writing a day in the life post as seen by me, and then I uploaded the kid’s camera pictures……..  They’re quite prolific.  And this is after I trimmed it down A LOT.




First we must run around like madmen or chickens with our heads cut off and gather our stuff.  This particular instance we were going to the library.  For that all library books must be gathered.  It might take some time, and require extra things like backpacks.



Of course Aquaman will keep us safe.







After all dangerous villains like Black Manta are lurking about, and you never know when they will strike next.






Aquaman must throw his water ball to protect everyone.





139 133 135 137


Kick your feet A LOT.

159 104

That is of course hilarious!



And when you get out launch yourself at an unsuspecting Mommy thinking she will TOTALLY catch you.



That’s how you run errands.

GIVEAWAY of jewelry!

I’m so excited about this giveaway because it’s for a friend of mine’s brand new jewelry store, and by brand new I mean fairly new.

Kristi was one of my very first blogging friends and she has the cutest little boy, and she started making jewelry a few months ago, and as a super sweet surprise she sent me a necklace with my kids’ name on it, now I’m not going to show you that one (but it is one of her sample necklaces in her shop), but I will show you the one I bought for a friend.
Isn’t that cute?  It’s a birthday present for my friend, and she chose everything she liked about it.  So you can customize her necklaces from what the samples say.

Princess loves my necklace and will sit there and repeat over and over, “This is Superman’s name, and this is Batman’s name, and that’s MY NAME!” (excited squeal at that point).

Are you ready for the giveaway?
She is offering one simple stamped necklace (and isn’t that bird cute?  or can you imagine a rose there?  my daughter would love that) to one of my readers.

Go to her shop and tell me what your favorite item is.


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4.  If you know of a good book for the state you live in and can give me a recommendation I’d love recommendations.  Heck if you know more than 1, I’ll give you an entry for each one you’re willing to enter into a separate comment.

LEGAL STUFF:  She gave me the necklace because she’s my friend, and before I said I’d review it, so that did not change my review, and the second necklace I bought.  This is limited to United States and Canada unless I hear otherwise.  Giveaway will end in 1 week (October 3, 2010 give or take a day).

Science Sunday: Kid led experiment


This is one of those experiments that my kids came up with all on their own.  They wanted to do a “speriment,” and they were quite determined we needed to do one.


Supplies (as envisioned by Batman): one watermelon emptied out of stuff; that white stuff that makes things explode (baking soda), pickle juice, and finally vinegar (you know the stuff in the big jar), oh and the white stuff you shake on my carpet to make it not smell bad (carpet cleaner or sometimes baking soda).

Do you know how hard it was to guess what he was referring to?

011 First, cut a hole in the top of your watermelon and then put it on a cookie sheet to contain most of the mess.  I also put it on top of aluminum foil and wrapped that up around it, to help Batman get the results he wanted.

At first we couldn’t find baking soda, so we tried the carpet cleaner with pickle juice (also known as salt water).  This didn’t get the reaction Batman was hoping for.  So we tried vinegar and that also didn’t react.

015So, we went on a shopping trip to get more baking soda.  Of course when I got home I found two big boxes that I swear were invisible before.
Again we tried the “pickle juice,” and it didn’t react as I predicted, and as Princess and Superman predicted.  Batman then insisted we needed to get out the vinegar.


Which of course did erupt as Batman had hoped, though not as much.  I think this is partially due to the fact that (and I looked this up a few weeks ago, so I may be misremembering), but watermelon is one of the more alkaline fruits.

018 017
But Batman got his money shot and got to see it all erupt, and so he was happy.

Do your kids ever come up with an experiment on their own?

Finally, the CHICKEN MUMMY!

Or as my husband likes to call it, the undead chicken.



So, this chicken has been sitting mummifying on my counter for about a month now.  Actually, at the point I’m writing this, it’s now been sitting mummified for 2 weeks.

First, we started off with a very serious lecture about following directions and the serious consequences of not following, as in you don’t get to help anymore.



Then we took the chicken out of the salt/baking soda/baking powder mix, and started wiping it down.  I pounded on it a bunch to get the mixture out of its’ cavity, and it took a lot of paper towels to get all of that off.  Now usually I’ll use towels for messes, but this was one I didn’t want to be throwing in the wash with everything else.  For some strange reason…..



Then we lightly brushed on oil that had some herbs soaking in it.  They of course all had to take turns, but I’ll spare you pictures of each kid trying it out.

Afterwards we patted it dry again with a paper towel.




Then the kids quite happily tore up more paper towels and stuffed the cavity of the chicken while also putting in some spices.  There were a few arguments about who got to put in what spices (which were basically the whole spices I’d gotten for a failed 5 senses experiment, my kids so were not going to be blindfolded).



Then they all got to take turns wrapping up the mummy.  We individually wrapped each wing and leg, and I explained that with real mummies they wrapped each foot.  The mummy was wrapped in (real sadness here) some of my favorite muslin fabric, oh the sacrifices I make for my kids.  But, I figured that was better than cartoon character fabric……  The fabric was dipped in a solution of glue and water, the closest we were going to get to resin soaked fabric.


Then they settled in rather impatiently for it to dry after the horrible torture of cleaning up their work.  TORTURE, I say.


And, finally I present to you, the CHICKEN MUMMY OF DOOM.  That has been sitting on my counter for two weeks now, and I really don’t know what to do with it now.  I hate to just throw it away, but at the same time I don’t want to keep it there forever.  I’m sure if I put it outside I’ll collect an interesting assortment of vermin…….


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And here’s part 1 and part 2 of our journey, for those who are curious and didn’t see the earlier steps.


And I’m linking this up to Homeschool Creations because I know Jolanthe has been curious how this turned out, actually a lot of you have been, and over to the History Exchange over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.

Of migraines, lost pictures, of cabbages, and kings

“And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.  Calloo!  Callay! Come join today, of cabbages and kings.”


Take a bow, thank you, thank you very much.


Well, I sit here.  I have about 3 different posts half written in my mind, but I can’t find the pictures that are rather necessary to explain them.  Why do I always think necessary has 2 c’s in it?  I do that almost every time.  It doesn’t.


I think my computer ate my pictures.  I had a  perfectly wonderful picture to explain our geography game, but it’s gone.  So, that will have to wait for next week.


Oh well.  I’m sitting here putting off going out to start school and cleaning for today because I’m waiting to see if the migraine medication kicks in.  As long as I keep my head perfectly still I won’t get the blinding pain in the side of my head, and I can’t keep it perfectly still if I’m interacting with kids.  They want me to look at them, and talk to them, and fill in something else that’s interacting.


So, they sit watching TV, as I sit here trying to keep perfectly still.  It’s not a good long term plan because soon Dinosaur Train will be done and the kids will want me to start a new one.


And they expect to be fed, oh well my time of sitting still is done I need to go “start the Dinosaur Train where the dinosaur gets stuck in the mud, and you can see who gets stuck Mommy?”  Yes that was all one sentence, and “Mommy I want a cheese sandwich, can you make me one?”


Maybe I can lay there and blink at them for a while.