Jesus’ Early Ministry

So, we’re slowly working through Bible Study Guide for All Ages, and I thought I’d share the storybooks I created for the kids.
I’ve started about five different posts only to discover I don’t have the needed pictures.  And I can’t find my camera or the kid camera to upload different pictures, so instead I’ll finally get this post written.

I’ve got pretty much all of the first round of Jesus’ stories written from the first part of this.  It took so long because the kids requested a black and white version so they could color their own.  And that meant I had to scan it twice which took a long time, and then I had to upload it all twice.

A couple of bits of advice on printing.  These are set up to be printed with two pages printed on one so it’s not as big as it looks.  I then folded the pages in half and bound it.  That let me show them the picture and I could read the words on the other page.  It worked super great!  I also when I was editing it printed it 4 pages to 1, and made a mini-book, so that’s another way you could do it.
John Baptizes Jesusbw
John baptizes
What do I learn from this?  That Jesus is humble, and we are called to follow His example.  Therefore we should be baptized once we have chosen to follow Him. 

Temptation of Jesus black and white
Temptation of Jesus color

One of the most common applications of this is an example of how knowing your Bible can help you resist temptation. I think it’s also a great example of how to be strong when tempted, and also how Satan will try more than one way to cause us to stumble. 

Jesus Calls His First Disciples
Jesus calls his first disciples black and white
A couple of things I notice when I read through this story is that John the Baptizer was more than willing to point to who Jesus was.  I don’t think I would be able to do that if it was up to me.  I’d want to hang on to my own “fame.”
Jesus First Miracle Color
Jesus First Miracle black and white
I’m always impressed when I read this one with how Jesus is respectful of His mother even when He doesn’t agree with what she’s doing.

Jesus and Nicodemus black and white
Jesus and Nicodemus color

This story and the next one are great examples of how to explain what we believe and why.  I like the Nicodemus story because this guy is the equivalent of a professor, he’s very learned and he’s trying to understand Jesus intellectually.  I know a lot of people make a big deal about Nicodemus coming at night, trying to portray this as Nicodemus is ashamed.  But, I think it’s could also just be he’s a busy man and this is his first free moment, and this is one of the few times Jesus is alone as well.

Samaritan Woman and Healing the Nobleman’s Son black and white
Samaritan Woman and healing the Nobleman’s Son color

As I said in the one up above, the story of the Samaritan Woman at the Well is often used as an evangelism story.  How Jesus stopped and looked for the person who needed saving.  I agree that’s one of the primary points for this, but I also think Jesus is showing tolerance and looking out for the person not the “color of their skin” or what neighborhood they’re from.  Traditionally speaking He shouldn’t be talking to her.  But He does.

Jesus Rejected in His Hometown and Catching a Lot of Fish black and white
Jesus Rejected in His Hometown and Catching a Lot of Fish color
I think this is a great example of turning the other cheek.  Here He is the Creator of the Universe and they’re all set to throw Him off the cliff, and all He does is walk away.  I don’t know if I’d be able to do that.
And then you have Peter telling Jesus, that he is not worthy of being in the same boat with Jesus.  I always love that scene.  Do I react that way when I’m in the presence of God?  I don’t think so.  That’s one of the things I love about Peter, he’s impulsive, like me.

So, that’s a whole bunch to throw at you.  And before you ask Amanda I’m trying to figure out how to upload it onto Lulu, but maybe if you make me scones I’ll print you out your own copy and bind it.

I think this will be my preschool corner contribution for the week.  Because this is part of how we’re doing Bible with our pre-schooler, man I am having the hardest time realizing my boys are in kindergarten now.  It’s seriously weird.

Now head on over to Jolanthe at Homeschool Creations to see some other preschool posts.

Hey, so I’ve been talking with Jolanthe and she got charged for something on Scribd, can someone tell me if you get charged for downloading these? I need to know so I can find out if I need to move them to a different site.

9 thoughts on “Jesus’ Early Ministry

  1. You did a great job clarifying these stories for little ones. We just read them straight off the screen, so I'm not sure about downloading isssues – but in the event they try to charge me, look for scones coming in the mail from me, too 🙂

  2. Love your illustrations! I am drawing a nursery rhyme book (as if she doesn't have enough) for my daughter as a Christmas gift but I am also coloring it in as I go along.

    So great of you to share this with others.

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