What my children are overjoyed to read

So, look what Princess and I lucked into while we were in Dallas this weekend visiting the grandparents (it was Granddad’s 70th birthday).




Can you say one very excited and scared three year old?  I had to practically force her to go take pictures with all of them except R-2.  R-2 she was way too excited to stand next to.


The boys sadly were with Jeff and missed it.



017 016

All of the characters were very friendly and did their very best to make her feel at ease.  And they signed the book I very hurriedly grabbed for the boys.

024 020 021


Princess finally resorted to, “I’ll do it if you go up with me.”  So, I got to pose with one or two of them.




026 025

So, my kids are now very happily reading Children of the Force over and over and over again.  After all Trooper Rex signed it.


So, that’s what we’re reading this week.  Head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to see what others read.

11 thoughts on “What my children are overjoyed to read

  1. Very cool. T was a big Star Wars fan and still enjoys the movies, but believe it or not, C and R have very little interest in Star Wars. My husband keeps trying though.

  2. Awesome! We ran into two stormtroopers this weekend in Chinatown of all places… Crumpet was so excited. Until he got next to them. He wouldn't stand for a picture… Love yours!

  3. Anna is still “A Star Wars virgin” or so I think. Interestingly, a boy friend of hers loves the books and Lego characters, but absolutely terrified of movies and costumed characters of Star Wars. I love the original trilogy and can't wait to see it again with Anna.

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