Math Monday: Counting to 20


So, my kids have been struggling with their counting and knowing what the numbers looked like.  To help with that I’m creating a game.  Actually they did some of the hard work.




They took turns putting out the numbers from 1-20 and I took pictures with my super fancy camera phone.  Then I copied these pictures into a table in word and now I’m going to label them with numbers and words and print two copies.  One I’ll cut apart and the other will be the master.


Here’s what it looked like:

Math u See Numbers 0 to 20


So, I’m mainly sharing this so you can see what it looks like.  I don’t think it’s the best work because the pictures aren’t great.  But this gives you an idea for making it yourself.


I’m all set to cut this out tonight (in theory).  I’ll let you know how they like it.


Now, head on over to Joyful Learner to see some other cool math ideas.

8 thoughts on “Math Monday: Counting to 20

  1. A great idea! We use some math cards 1 – 30 that taught Selena her numbers, and grouping. Our next step will be to teach the number words. I look forward to seeing how this works for you.

  2. Interesting idea! We picked up a set of flashcards to 70 at Target, but I haven't gotten to using them yet. I think that the boys might really like DreamBox – one thing that I really like about the program is that they use a lot of virtual math tools. One of them is a math rack with two sets of 10, and the beads are colored 5 red 5 white on each string. Anna made quite a leap in being able to recognize numbers at a glance without counting the quantities after some time on DreamBox.

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