Science Sunday: folowing procedures

Well, this week was a general week of cleaning and catching up with some much needed general stuff.  So, I’m going to provide a bit of an update on the mummy, and a general synopsis of following procedures.  I know super exciting.




Well, we got the chicken out of its bag of salt and such to check on it and make sure it was progressing properly.  I had them make observations as we did this.  Here’s what they told me:


1.  It’s rubbery.  I’ve noticed this is their new catch phrase for describing stuff, so I’m trying to work on them describing more.


2.  It doesn’t smell.  Which to me, says we must be doing this somewhat right.  At this point it’s been sitting out on our kitchen counter for a little over a week.  So, if it doesn’t smell that means we’ve done something right, because it should seriously stink by now.


What did they learn from this:


003 1.  The importance of following directions.  They had to wash hands between each step, and at one point Princess had wandered off to get candy she wanted to eat.  I made her throw it away because it now had “chicken germs” because chickens that aren’t cooked have germs we could get sick from.


2.  I actually do have a reason for my rules.  Since they were not doing too good at being careful there was a lot of salt on the floor, and they got to spend a good long time cleaning that up.


004 3.  That you can’t just do an experiment and leave.  You have to follow through and clean up the big huge mess you left.  So, they mopped and mopped that floor.


4.  The importance of washing hands well.  I don’t have a picture but I showed them how to wash it like a doctor.  Soap all the way up to their elbows, and making sure to really scrub and then using as hot as a water as  you can stand.




And since I could only find one mop Princess got away with not mopping that day.  Lucky dog.  But, then right now cleaning seems to be my primary mode of excercise……..




Oh, and to answer your question Jeff.  There are no canopic jars because the cornish game hen did not come with the organs in it, so no canopic jars.


So, how about you?  Do you ever find yourself going back and redoing experiments or observations?  I know we’ve done it lots before, and I’m sure we’ll continue to do it more often with other things.

12 thoughts on “Science Sunday: folowing procedures

  1. I am still working on cleaning up after experiments. So far our rule for clean up is this – if I start an activity, I am expected to clean up. If she starts something, she is expected to clean up. Since science is something that I initiate, clean up help hasn't been forthcoming.

  2. Selena has always been great with the clean up activities, I think she sees it as a way of keeping the activity still going. She knows clean up means we are done, but to her she gets to spend that last few minutes or however long it takes talking and recapping what we did.

  3. Glad to hear the chicken “mummy” is turning out. If it works – it's pretty neat.

    We circle around to experiments, and redo them, or come at them from different angles, fairly often, to keep their concepts fresh. And,we always seem to be in some stage of cleanup 🙂

  4. This is such a cool experiment. I am happy for the follow up procedures post! I look forward to reading more!

    I do most of the cleaning up after experiments. I have to work on that.

  5. I love this post. I love your list of things they can learn from the experiment. It does sound like you are mummifying the chicken just fine! And yes, I re-do experiments all the time!

  6. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that you tried to mummify a chicken! I must have not read the post in which you talked about this! You are very brave. I have raw chicken phobias – I don't know that I would do this, but it is a VERY cool experiment.

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