Quick tip: toys for school only


I’ve started looking out for little toys that work with what we’re studying that I know we’ll get a lot of use out of.  So, here you see the boys playing with a small Playmobil Egypt set.  We’re studying ancient Egypt right now and the kids had a lot of fun playing with it.

Toys we have right now that go with our studies:
Playmobil Egypt (which my kids are nuts for and ask to learn about history because of).
Legos (see tomorrow’s post for the specific way we used it last week)
animal toobs
Toys I plan to get in the near future to continue with this (all of these are things I know the kids will use A LOT).  Don’t do this for a one time thing, that would get expensive.
Roman Legions (I want to find similar for Greece, fingers crossed)
Insect toob-for an upcoming experiment, and for general keep hands busy while I read the science text.
figures of mythological creatures to go with our Greece study (I’m getting the minotaur today with my coupon from Michael’s).

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16 thoughts on “Quick tip: toys for school only

  1. I always planned to do that, but I never had the heart to put them away once they were absorbed in playing with them. We also got blocks with the shapes to make Greek structures. Great fun.

  2. They are all soldiers. I know, I thought the hershey kiss was pretty funny as well.

    And these are school time only, specifically history and science. Someday they'll be general play.

  3. We have specific toys just for school too. Unfortunately for me, it's usually a big fight to put them back up because my little monkey wants to play with them all the time. I try to explain to her that they won't be as special if she plays with them all the time, but she doesn't care…lol.

  4. We have school toys too. All our Melissa & Doug toys are just school toys for now. I love the Playmobile sets you linked to. I think those will be on our future list. There is an Egyptian Toob, too. It looks cool.

  5. I was having the same thoughts, but I am resisting them so far. My main concern is that she will expect to receive something “material” for every new topic and also that I will have all those small toys floating everywhere. I already have literally shelves of stuff that I saved “for later”, so I was trying very hard not to buy any new Playmobil or Toobs even though I looked at them longingly many times already.

  6. Those toys do look like they would get lots of play out of them.

    I liked learning about ancient history but I didn't learn it until late elementary school. Your kids are so lucky to have you!

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