Sea World! And I didn’t get sunburned.

I know it’s a minor miracle.  Thanks to remembering sun screen and my fancy new SPF swimshirt and hat.


002 003

They kids waited somewhat patiently to get in.  Okay, they weren’t at all patient.  They were all set to go in two days before our tickets were good (this was a special deal through Jeff’s work).


008 005

Once we FINALLY got in (can you hear the kids saying this?), we headed straight over to the dolphins and hit the first feeding time of the day.  The dolphins happily ate fish from our hands, and it was so much fun to see them.




And as per usual, my kids didn’t go for the usual things.  They happily stared at animals most of the time.  I think we easily spent 30 minutes at the sea lion enclosure, and another 15 or so at the penguins (who are shrouded in darkness, so no pictures).  And of course, I’m already thinking of cool science lessons to do with these animals (part of the deal for these tickets is we get to go back again one more time).


027 025

The kids enjoyed the rides, but the hit ride for all of them was the Shamu rollercoaster.  Though they argued it was not Shamu, it was a whale.  Sigh, I guess next time we need to make sure and go to the Shamu show.


Can you SEE the excitement?


039 038


How’s this for funny?  My boys aren’t sure which of them is which in these pictures.  After much consideration Superman has decided he is in the blue shirt.



And what’s a post like this without a picture of Princess trying to fall asleep on someone?



Superman says he “liked the penguins and the dolphins at Sea World.  I like those animals at Sea World.  Even I liked the sharks at Sea World.”


Princess says she “likes all the animals at Sea World.  I liked the rollercoaster.”

12 thoughts on “Sea World! And I didn’t get sunburned.

  1. Looks like a GREAT trip! And congrats on not getting sunburned. I've become OCD about none of us getting burned out here so I just bought one of those shirts for me (Crumpet already had several) and I love it.

  2. I am so jealous – Tornado Boy doesn't fall asleep anywhere except for his bed.

    Looks like a great time. We have passes but haven't been there yet. We need to make time to at least get to the one in Florida since we're there at least once a year.

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