Whatever have we read lately?




Jane and the Dragon– there’s a Saturday morning cartoon based off this book (which is, I admit, partially why I checked it out).  It’s been wildly popular with all 3 of my kids, and I’ve had to check it out again.


Jeremy’s Muffler–  I think this book is super cute.  Jeremy’s aunt sends him a muffler for a present, and his parents make him wear it, even though it’s too big.  The story is all about Jeremy’s struggles to get rid of it without getting in trouble, finally he ends up glad he has the muffler.  I think the first time we read it, I had to read it 3 times in a row.


Touchdown Mars!- this is a cute ABC book that I have read way too much this week.  With each of my kids pointing out  which character their kid is.  Does anyone else’s kids do that?  They always have to find who they are in the story.


The others I might talk about more later, they’re not too exceptional.  Coolies is one of our stART projects this week, so come back later for my opinion and the kid’s summary of that book.


Now head over to Natalie’s blog at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.


9 thoughts on “Whatever have we read lately?

  1. We also get a lot of books based on characters from TV shows – and princesses of course. I figure it's encouraging them to read, so I go with it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for joining WMCIR! I haven't heard of Jane and the Dragon – either a book or TV. I have to look into this. It cracks me up that Anna reads some Princesses early readers but absolutely refuses to see the movies. Touchdown Mars! looks very appealing too. Sometimes Anna says that the character in the book is like her, but it doesn't happen too often, not like with your kids.

  3. Well, there is a Dora book for everything! We have read one for Valentines Day, Easter, Big Sister, the seasons, and a couple of other ones. So I know about the cartoon tie ins! Never heard of Jane and the dragon though.

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