History: Sumerians


So, we’re making our way through Ancient History.  That’s our history for the year, and we learned about the Sumerians the other day, and how they invented the Cuneiform alphabet.  They wrote this on clay tablets.


So, to reinforce this we made our own.  Now, the book suggests using clay, and I thought about doing that at first.  But, I really didn’t want to buy a big block of clay and only use a little bit.


Next, I thought of using Sculpey.  But, then as I was reading this to the kiddos, I had a brilliant flash of insight.



Cookie dough!  Of course.  So I made some cookies (and discovered that this recipe really doesn’t work that well with whole wheat, or at least not this the stone ground, totally changes the taste and consistency).  They had a lot of fun drawing in their tablets and we talked about how hard it would have been to have to store all of your books like this.  They were somewhat impressed.



Not too surprisingly they were much more impressed when they actually got to eat the cookies.  And eat cookies they did that day.




To see what others are doing for history or geography head over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn.

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