Math Links: Finding numbers

Pathfinder Mom had showcased a game her son loves and then commented this would be easy to do with sidewalk chalk and music (sorry no exact link to the post).  Well, I took that and ran with it.  So, here’s our game:


Supplies needed: chalk, hyper kids that need to burn energy, and a sunny day (that last one is key)


Prep work: write numbers all over your sidewalk, this could also be whatever else you’re working on.


How to play:  Call out a kid’s name and call out how they should get to the number.  Ex: Superman hop to 17.  Princess run to 5.  Batman tiptoe to 12.


Happily play the game and trick your kids into learning.

014 013

Play as long as the weather or your kids’ attention span lasts.



Game called on account of rain!  Apparently our rain dance from the other day was successful, if a little late.

8 thoughts on “Math Links: Finding numbers

  1. I love this idea! My kids love the game Hulabaloo (not sure how to spell it) which is a DVD with a guy telling them to move in certain ways to a color, shape or animal. I like the idea of moving it outside and teaching numbers!

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