Science Sunday: Insect Mouths


I bet that got your attention didn’t it?
Basically insects have three different types of mouths: chewing (think ants, caterpillars, crickets); sponge (fly is the primary example I can think of); and sucking (butterfly, mosquito).
Purpose of experiment: to see how the different insects eat (inspired by this post from the Work Plan).

First we tried eating with a sponge mouth.  We all agreed this was very hard to do and we wouldn’t get much food if we had to eat that way.

As a side not, I think it would have worked better if I had more thoroughly saturated the sponges beforehand.

Next we tried to use a proboscis like a butterfly has on the plate, and agreed that butterflies would not really be able to eat from this.


Then we tried it in a flower to suck up the nectar.  This worked so much better.  It was still a challenge to try and get them not to use their hands.  But, eventually they mastered it.

I have no pictures of the chewing, because obviously that is how we normally eat, and figured pictures were rather unnecessary, and potentially gross depending on my kids’ manners at that moment.
Results:  The kids all agree that they like chewing food the best.  The straw was fun, but it was challenging to get in without using their hands.

Oh, and look what I found in my garden (picture from here):
001And he would be why my tomato plant has produced NOTHING.  As soon as a leaf grows he eats it, and he was huge!  About 5 inches long, and when I found out what he was I was going to transplant him somewhere else, but he had already gone underground to form his cocoon.  But in the meantime the kids had a lot of fun observing him.  Sigh, that’s going to be a rather useless plant.

But look what I did successfully grow!  And it actually tasted good, unlike say the bell peppers I grew last year, which tasted all weird from the horrid drought and heat.  Hurricane Alex did good for us in the rain department.  The entire time we were out of town Texas was getting rain.

Sigh, Superman just woke up and came downstairs with the announcement, “Nobody talk to me,” guess my blogging time is done for now.

Recent books of some sort

Now we get to see what all I remember.


I figured I’d throw in some random ones that if left to my kids is all we’d read.  Every time we go to Barnes and Noble they beg and beg to get books.  It’s so hard to say no to that, but they want to choose the same type of books every time.  “How to Train Your Dragon” books are high up on their list, but the last several we’ve bought (and this is staple bound in general) the pages start coming out very easily.  Ridiculously easily.  So I dislike getting those.  They love the Super Friends books, and any of those books which have stickers or figures you can punch out.  Any gimmick and they’re sold.  So, here’s the books of these I liked:


Bubble Bath Pirates- library find.  My kids favorite part is where they are undressed and running to the bath chanting “Naked, naked, naked,” and then they jump in and cause a big splash.  Sigh, all too close to reality.

the other we really liked, but I couldn’t add in:

Temper Temper– It’s about a little girl who keeps losing her temper and how horrible things happen when she does.  Then she finds out no one likes to play with her because of that.  Good for if you have any kids with temper problems, which it seems like lately I’ve had 3 of them.  They’re napping right now because of a complete and total meltdown over a bag.  Really, a bag to hold their toys in.


Now head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to see some other great books people read.

Another giveaway coming soon!

I’m so excited because CSN stores contacted me to do another review/giveaway for them.  I have no clue what I’m going to get because they have everything including the bathroom sink, I mean kitchen sink.


So, what do you guys think?  Two of my ideas are: furniture for the dollhouse or castle (there’s a cool siege machine they’ve got) or maybe some wooden blocks.  We don’t have any and I’m trying to decide if I want to get some.


Give me ideas people.  Each idea that’s a comment will count as an entry when I put the giveaway up.

Travel pictures

Here’s what I’ve noticed from driving cross-country with kids.



Kids can sleep in any position.











Don’t give your son chocolate bars in the car.  He will be quite proud of this.










Large numbers of books to read are always a good thing.   Oh, and always wear cowboy boots on trips.










You can always entertain yourself by drumming on your backpack.




Oh, and pre-schoolers need to go potty at least once an hour, unless they’re asleep.

Random pictures from the trip that I really really love

And they don’t really fit anywhere else, so I’m sticking them here…….
Hmmmm, editing that just made it look screwy and ridiculously thin, I might have to change that.

So, each hotel we went to and used the luggage cart the kids had a blast pretending it was the “dinosaur train” and yelling “All aboard the Dinosaur Train!”  Then taking turns pretending to be the person in front.


My friend we went cross-country to see.

327 323

Princess modeling, briefly, the bow she insisted she would wear forever and ever and ever.  Two minutes later she gave it to me, and said, “Here Mom, this is for you.”  Gee, thanks…..

348 346 347
The epic battle of the stuffed animals at Barnes and Noble.  Boy were they happy.  Buzz Lightyear and Trooper Rex Bear destroyed the horrible ummmm…… beanie babies?


I love this picture of Princess.  I think Batman took it, or maybe Superman.  One of the kids took it before I took the camera away at Fort Stockton.

335 330

So, Princess left her dog, her precious dog that she sleeps with every night, at Danette’s house.  So, I tried consoling her.  I tried explaining her dog was keeping the baby safe, and finally I laid down and we slept together.

And she did get her puppy back the next morning with many happy tears.


Princess trying to figure out how to carry her lemonade without carrying it.  I interceded before she soaked herself with cold lemonade on a somewhat cold day.


It took over 20 pictures before I finally caught a super cute picture of my kids in the noodle forest.  Really.

And two random ones from the zoo, one that cracked me up, and one that is just cool.
453 389

Tomorrow ends my pictures from the trip.  Just some random observations of the trip, and driving in the car.  And then next week will return to our regularly scheduled crazy kid adventures.  Hopefully.

They finally got to build their bears

This is why they were so excited to go on this trip.  Forget anything else, when do we get to make our own bear Mommy?



Can you imagine a fight here?  Princess wasn’t convinced of the type of bear, but finally settled on a puppy.  Grudgingly.





The little stinkers grabbed a couple of hearts for their bears.  So, those bears have lots of love in them.



A lot of love.  Can you see the grin on Superman’s face?  Seriously happy!





237 231

And very very clean.  They scrubbed those guys!



Then very carefully dressed.  With much deliberation.  Then much begging for a lot more outfits and accessories.  A $35 car for a bear, ummm….. no.  Sorry guys.  Golf clubs?  I will end up stepping on them and breaking them, and then there will be many tears.




Three happy customers.  The boys haven’t let their bears out of their sight.  Princess…….  She’s not as attached, I almost wonder if we should have let her pick the one that looks more like a dog, but can’t really wear outfits.


Oh the second-guessing.


Finished bears, complete with hamming it up:

059 058