Picking flowers

I’ve apparently had this sitting in my draft folder for about a month, since the pictures are from June.  But, here ya go.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love picking flowers.  I’ve worked very hard on them understanding they can’t just pick any flowers.  They can only pick the flowers in our backyard and the flowers on the side of the road.

But, they kept picking them (“Mom, what’s Superman doing?”  “I think that’s you in the picture”) right below where the flower ends.


Do you know how hard it is to type with a five year old trying to climb into your lap like a kitten?  Okay, he’s been distracted by the remains of my breakfast shake.

So, I taught them how to cut flowers, and it was simple.  I had them grasp the flower in their fist, and then cut under their hand.  It’s still only about a 3 inch stem to put in a cup, but that’s about the perfect size for fitting in a coffee cup or a small tea cup.006

Or tucking in your hair.

8 thoughts on “Picking flowers

  1. Thank fully Selena is still content with just picking the ones in the yard, we have to be careful about the ones along the street since so many people plant flowers right along the sidewalks here. I will remember this tip!

  2. I love the flower in your hair too. I am always worried that the flower I put in my hair will have bugs in it and they will end up crawling all over my scalp. See the crazy things I worry about?

  3. Caroline (my two year old) loves to pick flowers as well. Except she more yanks them up by the roots. This is a good tip, but I don't know about giving a two year old scissors. But Caleb (my almost 5 year old) would do just fine with this. Sure would save our garden.

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