Recent books of some sort

Now we get to see what all I remember.


I figured I’d throw in some random ones that if left to my kids is all we’d read.  Every time we go to Barnes and Noble they beg and beg to get books.  It’s so hard to say no to that, but they want to choose the same type of books every time.  “How to Train Your Dragon” books are high up on their list, but the last several we’ve bought (and this is staple bound in general) the pages start coming out very easily.  Ridiculously easily.  So I dislike getting those.  They love the Super Friends books, and any of those books which have stickers or figures you can punch out.  Any gimmick and they’re sold.  So, here’s the books of these I liked:


Bubble Bath Pirates- library find.  My kids favorite part is where they are undressed and running to the bath chanting “Naked, naked, naked,” and then they jump in and cause a big splash.  Sigh, all too close to reality.

the other we really liked, but I couldn’t add in:

Temper Temper– It’s about a little girl who keeps losing her temper and how horrible things happen when she does.  Then she finds out no one likes to play with her because of that.  Good for if you have any kids with temper problems, which it seems like lately I’ve had 3 of them.  They’re napping right now because of a complete and total meltdown over a bag.  Really, a bag to hold their toys in.


Now head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to see some other great books people read.

8 thoughts on “Recent books of some sort

  1. Thanks for joining WMCIR! Temper Temper does sound pretty interesting even though daughter is a pretty mellow kid. I have to say that I am pretty strict about not buying “gimmick” books – otherwise we would own every sound book in B&N. Anna just seem to be magically drawn to those.

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