Travel pictures

Here’s what I’ve noticed from driving cross-country with kids.



Kids can sleep in any position.











Don’t give your son chocolate bars in the car.  He will be quite proud of this.










Large numbers of books to read are always a good thing.   Oh, and always wear cowboy boots on trips.










You can always entertain yourself by drumming on your backpack.




Oh, and pre-schoolers need to go potty at least once an hour, unless they’re asleep.

9 thoughts on “Travel pictures

  1. Oh, the call of the potty- we put a training potty in our van (right behind the adult seats) so our little kiddos could use it on trips (we have bladder control issues).

    May not be the safest way to travel, but it sure keeps us from having to stop as often…

  2. Great job capturing the essence of traveling with young children! Good use of the seatbelt by Batman or Superman (can't tell them apart) to keep his head from lolling forward while sleeping =)

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