Moreno Valley Museum, which apparently I have the wrong name


144 I tried to find the website to link to it, but I’m just getting information to a bunch of other museums based in air force bases, so that’s not what I’m  looking for.

This was fun, for me at least, it was an odd combination of natural history and societal history museum, which made for a fun combination.
They had a mini-zoo, which was essentially a herpetarium.  Hah!  How fun was it to be able to throw in that vocabulary word?  Even if I spelled it wrong.  Okay, fixed now, but spell check apparently doesn’t know what it is.  It’s a zoo devoted to snakes and amphibians.  Here Superman is petting a blue-tongued skink.

He was pleased as punch to pet something that had a blue tongue, blue being his favorite color.

Then they checked out the range of skulls and were amazed at the different sizes available.

153 152
Princess loved the X-ray center and talking about the different bones, and the hugely overweight rabbit.  Seriously, it was huge.

We posed in front of the train, which when Danette was a kid and came here you were allowed to climb on.  Now, apparently, it’s a safety hazard and you have to view it behind bars (yes, I do sometimes think we protect our kids from injury too much).


Than we went into the other part of the museum and looked at all of their different animals.  The kids really enjoyed their “Hall of Mammals,” and looking at the odd combinations.  It was amusing.  Mostly it was Southern California and Desert animals, and then the random polar bear.  Really, I don’t know why.  They weren’t as interested by the birds and eggs.  That was boring.

However when we got downstairs to the history part of the museum, they did love the “house,” which is from the original power companies of the turn of the century and is where the term “in the dog house” came from.  So, I learned a lot of interesting things.  I found this room fascinating.  The kids mainly wanted to play running in and out of the house.

The not interesting part of the museum?  TWO rooms devoted to baskets and basket weaving.  I kept thinking about bad jokes about taking underwater basket weaving classes, but figured that would not be in good taste at that particular moment.  Yes, I can occasionally show restraint, and it rare enough I feel the need to point it out, so you can congratulate me.
I don’t know if this will be readable, that is a word right?  But, it really amused me.  I think it’s an editorial, or a newspaper article giving tips for riding on a stagecoach.  So it had suggestions like, don’t complain about the food, they’re giving the best they can get.  Don’t talk about gruesome things, or point out where someone was murdered, especially if a lady is present.  It was so amusing to read, so I’ve included it here for you to hopefully be able to read.

So all in all, it was a really fun museum to see.  Great for an afternoon adventure, and then we headed off to my next post: Build A Bear……..

10 thoughts on “Moreno Valley Museum, which apparently I have the wrong name

  1. In looking back at the mummies post, I realized that I never made a post for all the other activities that we did for ancient Egypt, so I added a post for that. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You really found some cool museums to visit on your vacation.

    Thanks for the vocab lesson. That's a new one for me!

    I love the tips for stagecoach travelers. Imagine that being posted today – that would be funny.

  3. Hi! I think you visited the San Bernardino County Museum In Redlands, CA. Your pictures look really familiar. Glad you enjoyed your visit to California. We are visiting Arizona and are considering checking out Bearizona. Thanks for your review! 🙂

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