I visited a Seventh Day Adventist Church

IMG_0478 My college roommate, Danette, is a Seventh Day Adventist.  Which, according to my interpretation, which is of course completely wrong I’m sure, means she goes to church on Saturday, and they follow some of the Jewish rules.  Oh, and she’s essentially a vegetarian.






One thing I learned is they don’t have a children’s church during worship, so these two pictures are of my kids playing with the bags during worship.  Instead they have a story time for the kids before the sermon.  It kind of amused me because they have a “kid’s offering” where the kids run around and collect as many dollar bills from people as they can before coming up and putting them in the offering.  It was fun to watch the kids walk quickly from person to person holding up their dollar bills.




Here’s the boys getting ready to take their bags back out (service is over, so I felt free to use a flash).  The sermon was interesting because we came the week after the once every 5 years conference, and so the pastor was reporting on the results of that conference.




This of course, led to Jeff and I asking all sorts of questions about what the different points he brought up meant.  For instance they were talking about ordaining deaconesses, and we wanted to know what that meant.  Our church has Elders, and they lead the church, think of like a board of directors that are elected every 2 years.  A deacon or deaconess at her church is essentially a volunteer who is being recognized for their contributions to the church.  So, it’s not ordination, as in a pastor is ordained in the Catholic church, but instead a recognition ceremony (my rephrasing of her words).   So, it was a great way to end our visit with her, because I’ve been curious about her church since college, and this was my first real chance to visit one.  Aside from that one revival I went to with her in college, where they told us going to church on Sunday was the Mark of the Beast, and poor Danette was trying to crawl under the chair in embarrassment (remember that girl?).

9 thoughts on “I visited a Seventh Day Adventist Church

  1. I've always been curious about that church because I used to hear people tell me I should send my kids to a 7th Day Adventist preschool – since we're vegetarians. 🙂 I don't know much about it, though, but you're a good friend for trying to get to know her better in this way.

  2. Like many church denominations you will have your extremists churches to your wacko liberal ones, however what I like about SoCAl is that there is a variety and since I fall into the moderate category it suits my family well.

    I love visiting your church too T when we visit, so it's cool. Glad you had fun….the kids seemed to anyways, considering sitting together during a church service was probably new to them.

    I am very happy to say though that we have a very good education system if one can't homeschool and would like a Christian education if you are close to an SDA school…so I know from non-SDA's that have sent their kids to the preschool that they serve vegetarian food/snacks for the kids.

  3. It's pretty interesting to learn what other churches are about, especially with someone who is “native” to the church. I went a couple of times to different services and was always amused with how different they are. It looks like the kids enjoyed this experience as well.

  4. =( Miss you guys! D, hope to see you in December and go out with all our kiddos. And T, maybe we can get together during football season. No doubt, we will be initiating Bubeaner into the burnt orange cult. =)

  5. I used to be a part of a youth organization which went around and visited all the local churches, studying the difference and common beliefs among each. It was a lot of fun and a few were quite interesting!
    Looks like your boys had a good time!

  6. About 13 years ago I visited a Seventh Day Adventist Church for some meetings involving the second coming of Christ/revelations/prophecy. I still have the NKJV bible I received from going which has a lot of information about what was talk about prophecy and Jesus's second coming. I know they (at the meeting anyway) are very strong in the believe that the Sabbath is on Saturday and that going to church on Sunday is from the devil so to speak. (Remember I am speaking of what I learned at the meetings, not sure about how the church in general feels about it) It was very fascinating seeing their interpretation of the prophecies in, say, Daniel and Revelation. I could see where they made sense and they are slightly different than say Dr. David Jeremiah would teach.

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