New Mexico is flat and barren



Actually, we started off in West Texas, which is currently getting a lot of rain because of the hurricane coming up in the gulf.  In case you didn’t know, West Texas does not believe in drainage, so you see sights like the one on the left, lots and lots of water flooding.  When, I was in Abilene we used to joke after the rain you would get Sikes Island, Gardner Island, and so on.


 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185


We did our usual thing of stopping at the Welcome Center as soon as we crossed the state border and were amused at the Guinea (we found this out there).  He’s semi-domesticated and happily followed the kids around as they chased him.




We found out that New Mexico is where Billy the Kid died.  So, we followed a little road  for a couple of miles and got to see the outside of the Fort, and wandered around to the back to find the gravesite.  The kids thought that was rather amusing to be able to see where he was buried and were intrigued by the idea in general.


IMG_0190 The interesting thing about his headstone is it was stolen twice.  That’s right, not once, but twice.  The first time it was stolen in 1950 and was lost until 1976 when it was found in Texas.  The second time was in 1981, and it was recovered 4 days later in California (ironic that it was the two states I’ve lived in).  After that the governor ordered it to be set with iron, and now it has a cage around it (that you can see above).  The amusing thing to my kids was people threw money in there, and they wanted to know why.  Of course then they chased each other around the graveyard pretending to shoot each other like they were cops and robbers.



Well, my timer for delaying Princess has gone off, so now I”m off to give her a bath.  I leave you with a shot of Batman sleeping in the car.  It rather amazes me how they can sleep in these positions.  And as a final comment, it took 4 towns in West Texas before we found a city with a bathroom for Princess to use.


If I ever remember, or when I get back in town I’ll hook this up to Debbie’s geography hop, over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn

3 thoughts on “New Mexico is flat and barren

  1. Love your post title! I was born in the 4 corners area of Colorado, so we often traveled into New Mexico. Apart from some interesting rock formations scattered here and there, it is very flat, and…well..not pretty 🙂

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