Royal Warrior Prince Academy

This past week the boys got to attend Warrior Prince Academy, which was super awesome!  They had a lot of fun, and I did too as I taught a group of older boys (by about a year and a half, they were exiting kindergarten, it’s amazing the difference  a year or so makes).001
The first day we got there WAY early due to a miscommunication between Jeff and I, so I had a lot of fun wandering around with the kids outside and telling them about growing up at this church and their Daddy and I getting married there.  They were suitable impressed.  Especially that they got to run around.  Who cares about that Mom, can I run?

Okay, so Princess cared.  The boys weren’t as impressed.

So, what did they do all day?  They watched a puppet show, and the boys in my class were most concerned about the dog……  Go figure.


I snuck in to get a picture of my boys watching it.  That’s the downside of not being in their class.  Upside, they weren’t expecting me to  pay attention to just them.

The kids all made some very cool shadow boxes.  Inside they put a scroll with the “Warrior Cod of Conduct,” a cross plaque, a flashlight and compass shield, and a little knight figure they colored.  My boys were so proud of their boxes they couldn’t wait to get them open until we got home and had to show them to everyone right then and there.

And finally here’s one clip of my kids from the final show.  It was one of those moments where they just sat there and didn’t really do the stuff, but it was still fun to watch them.

7 thoughts on “Royal Warrior Prince Academy

  1. How interesting. Next year I really have to look into summer camps that would engage my daughter more than her current school camp in her school. This week must have been a lot of fun for the boys. Did Princess feel deprived because she couldn't go?

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