This is Princess. This is Princess with Scissors. Any questions?


This is Princess:



This is what Princess did with scissors:

010 001  009  011


This is what her hair looks like now:

 003  005

Then she poured most of a bottle of shampoo on her head:

006And got mad when it took a long time to rinse out.


Does that look like an innocent face to you?  That’s what she claims.  Well, I have an appointment to get her hair cut tomorrow, I have no clue how this will be salvaged, but I trust my friend Melissa at Salon Ciao Bella can fix it, if anyone can.  I’ll update you tomorrow with the new do.

16 thoughts on “This is Princess. This is Princess with Scissors. Any questions?

  1. Aww! I think everyone with kids has a story where their kids cut their hair. Its great that you got photos, she is going to think thats so funny when she gets older.

  2. Aww! I think everyone with kids has a story where their kids cut their hair. Its great that you got photos, she is going to think thats so funny when she gets older.

  3. Oh, soooooo sorry. When my Abbie was three she cut her hair on two separate ocasssion. For one of them there was nothing to do, but give her a short short cut. Like above her ears short.

  4. Quentin did that and he didn't have that much hair to start with! He had a bald patch!
    Her temperment sounds just like my daughter was. You will be happy to know that my daughter is now the sweetest soul you would ever want to know. She got all of it out of her system when she was little!

  5. I just knew when I read the title that's what she did. Tabitha was cutting paper so well a few weeks ago. We the parents made the grave mistake of leaving the room for a few minutes. Fortunately she didn't do as much damage as your princess did. Good luck getting it “fixed.”

  6. Ohhhh, that's one of my greatest fears. 🙂 My sons have cut on their hair, and that's one thing…but I so don't want my princess, too. Once my oldest said, “Mom, he's (younger son) cutting his hair!” I yelled, “Put the scissors up. DON'T cut your hair!” and stayed where I was. Then he yelled, “Mom, he's going to cut Sissy's hair!” I bolted up out of my seat faster than anything. ha! Your daughter has the cutest little face, though – I know she'll look fine. And she could have done it much worse, right?

  7. Wow! I bet you were livid…lol. We haven't had this happen – YET, but we did have a mishap with vaseline. My little monkey got into the vaseline when she was 1 and put it all in her hair. I tried everything I could to get it out. After a week it was finally all gone, and then I heard from someone that Dawn would get it out. Unfortunately it was a little too late for that piece of info. Good luck getting her hair cut tomorrow.

  8. It is so horrible seeing all their adorable curls strewn across the floor isn't it.
    Don't worry, my youngest cut off all her hair (and I do mean ALL) her scalp was showing in patches.
    I was so mad, I cried like a child!
    She sported a very short (cute) pixie type hair cut for some time… She had to wear hair clips to look like a girl. lol.
    It is growing back now and we can just manage two little piggy tails in the top half of her hair.
    We are the horror story that the hairdresser tells to other mums! lol.

  9. Oh wow. Emma did this to her doll's hair last week, and I wasn't sure whether to be relieved she hadn't cut her own/a sibling's hair or to be upset since the doll hair doesn't grow back!

  10. Your daughter is still a cutie. I am sure you weren't too thrilled, though.

    When I was 3 1/2 I cut my hair. My mom always had to fight with it, so I took care of it. I had a strip in the middle of my back that I couldn't reach. I had very thick and very long hair, but not after that. It was bushy and short. I told my mom that I could just wear a headband and she wouldn't have to worry anymore. She was pregnant with my brother and just cried. To make matters worse she had some women over for a meeting of some sort. I remember cutting paper and then coming up with that “brilliant” plan.

    I haven't had any of my children cut their hair, yet.

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