What happens when Princess wears a hair clip

I’ve commented on lots of posts about my jealousy of cute little girl hair dos.  For several reasons:


1.  I can’t style my own hair in anything other than a pony tail or braided, let alone my daughters.


2.  She takes everything out of her hair very quickly.


So, here’s what happened the other day when I FORCED her to wear pig tails.


017012 011  013014  015020 

She was told she had to keep them on through church.  She did, barely.  By the time we picked her up from Sunday School the ties were half out.  Then by the time we got home she’d pulled it all out.  It took 5 tries to get them in.  And that first picture is what it looked like while I was trying to put them in.

13 thoughts on “What happens when Princess wears a hair clip

  1. I feel your pain! Reagan has never liked anything in her hair either. I am also inadequate when it comes to styling hair. Pigtails are tough because it's hard to get that straight part down the back (especially because Reagan has a side part). I did manage to make a bun for the recital last weekend though. NOT the pretty one from my pictures – that one was done at a hair salon; I did the bun for the Sunday recital – it was nothing special, but it stayed put all day.

  2. Oh, Tisha, I KNOW how you feel! My mother never put my hair up and I so envied the little girls who had their hair so nicely done. I just never learned how to do my own; I so much looked forward to putting up my daughter's hair and she would have nothing to do with it. She still rarely puts her hair back. Then I had four boys, so no hair-dos there either. I feel better at least knowing that I am not alone!

  3. I have a daughter who's just the same!! No hairstyle lasts the whole day – she pulls the bands out and runs around looking like an English Sheepdog! I only hope it'll get better as she gets older ;-))

  4. I've always wondered why “hairstyles” work for some girls, and for some they do not.

    My two let me fix their hair and they keep it in pretty well, but I began “torturing” them as babies by always putting a headband with a bow on them to match their outfits…my poor little girls!

  5. Anna is totally like Princess – I can count the times she kept her pigtails in on the fingers of one hand. It doesn't help that I am really bad in securing them properly too – I always had short hair and didn't learn how to do all those braids and pigtails.

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