stART: Snow!

Okay, we’ve done a couple of snow related things before, but we’re studying Colorado, and so I wanted to go back to the snow.

I Recommend

So, after reading the book we headed over to the kitchen to make our snow pictures……

Supplies: blue construction paper, shaving cream, crayons, colored pencils.


1.  Color your picture on the blue paper.


2.  Inspect the shaving cream on your finger.  Try to decide what you will do with this strange thing.


3.  Decide that it’s okay, and you really do like it, and start “painting” with your fingers.  Superman was not happy that I made him use his fingers.  He really wanted a paintbrush.  Oh well.


And when they were first done they looked really cool, all puffy and everything.

But two days later they looked like this:

Not so cool.  Oh well, it was worth a try.  I’ll have to find another cool way to make a snow picture.  If all else fails we’ll use paint.
Oh, and here’s what they said they can do in the snow:
Princess: I make holes in the snow.  (and she shows me how with her finger).
Batman: I do a snowman and a snowfight and my Daddy helped me and that’s all.  (I had to take an extra picture to show you the cute picture he drew).
Superman: I throw snowballs in it and I make snow angels.  I do lots of things.
061The little guy is Batman and the big guy is Daddy and they’re wearing mittens.
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14 thoughts on “stART: Snow!

  1. I love the expression on Princes' face examining the shaving cream. I had to chuckle at the end when the kids were telling you what they do in the snow. The last day we were able to get out and play all day here, Selena laid down in the grass and informed us she was making a snow angel. I wish we got snow so she could actually experience it! I think a winter vacation is in order!

  2. We made snow pictures back in February by painting bubble wrap white and then pressing it down on blue construction paper. My kids loved it, and in the end it looked cool.

    C always wants a paintbrush too!

  3. It was 32 degrees outside when I got up this morning, and the snow line is sneaking back down the mountains, so I was thinking about snow projects this morning, too. Of course, by the time I really get in full swing, and pull out the gingerbread it will be back into the 80's.

    Love, love, love the pictures of the kids looking suspicious about painting with shaving cream, and their fingers 🙂

  4. My kids always prefer paintbrushes, too. However, they're fine to start painting their hands with their brushes and making a huge mess that way. Or eating with their hands. Makes no sense. Can't remember if we've ever painted with shaving cream…we'll have to pull it out.

  5. Looks like fun! We tried “painting” with shaving cream earlier this year and it didn't come out so well (actually it turned out to be a disaster and a waste of shaving cream, don't tell my hubby, since it was his that we used lol).

    My son really didn't like touching it either and wanted to use a brush as well hahaha!

  6. You are such an original thinker – to make a snow project in June 🙂 I love the last picture. Maybe next time you can try puffy pants or white glue – they dry nicely into snow. Oh, and we also tried glue with salt on top, but it tends to shed.

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