Where do they come up with these ideas?

009It’s another edition of where do they come up with it?  Previous editions have revealed all sorts of crazy creations.  And now you get to see yet more of these.

Of course to adequately create you must first make a huge mess in Mom’s sewing/school room.  I think this is why they always ask to do school there.  Because usually that means they’re just free form creating stuff.  There Superman is happily emptying out every sticker box I have and then some, and searching for a coloring book that “isn’t colored in yet.”  Good luck with that one.

While he’s doing that Princess is turning another coloring book into confetti.  I kid you not, confetti.

Then Batman decided he needed all sorts of stuff for his creation.  The blue is the sea.  The bumps are pom poms he stuck on there, and declared they were the land.  Then he got “vabric” (that’s my best attempt to spell how they pronounce it), and started using paint as glue.  So, I dug through my scraps and set out a box for them to play with.  He wanted green, and was disappointed I didn’t really have any green scraps to use, but you can’t really tell what color the stuff is anyways because it’s all painted blue.

Meanwhile Superman has discovered that pom poms can be used to paint with.  It’s not super effective though, so he quickly heads back to his paintbrushes.  It does work better than flowers.

  Than Batman decided his monster needed some clothes.  And next thing I know I turn around and there’s his monster with a cloak.
I sent the boys upstairs to get pictures of him and this is what they return with, and this:

043 045

So, here’s an easier picture of his “cool creation” as modeled by Superman.
057 056
Now head on over to Mama Jenn and Tired, Need Sleep to see other kid creations.

10 thoughts on “Where do they come up with these ideas?

  1. Do your kids clean up their messes? I hope so! My kids are not so good at cleaning up after themselves, but they are getting better. Well, messes are good for creativity, right? At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

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