Science Sunday:

This was one of those “so proud of my kids” moments.  We went to the zoo with some friends from church.


Sigh, and this will be one of the few pictures of Princess with her shorts on.  After they got “dirty” she refused to wear them.  Stubborn, stubborn girl.  I have no clue where she got it.






That, is obviously not what I was proud of.  No, I was proud of how much they’ve remembered about the different animals we’ve read about.  They could tell you about how some of them were omnivores, and others were carnivores or herbivores.  It was so great.




There are so many great things you can learn from zoos.  There’s the random informational facts like on the sign next to us.  There’s talking about where an animal lives, and what it might need to survive.  Comparing animals.




And, if you’re lucky your zoo will have a playscape like this.  It gives the kids a chance to see what it’s like to be a monkey.  I still remember going to a zoo that let us climb around like prairie dogs and peek out of holes.


I’m sure you all knew this was a wonderful learning experience, but maybe you’d forgotten, and now you’ll remember it.

What’d you do for science this week?  I’d love to see what you did, and don’t forget to link back here.

11 thoughts on “Science Sunday:

  1. Next month we are going to the National Zoo with my grandmother. I'd already downloaded some of the teaching guides from the site, and I have to look through them.
    Our local zoo isn't very big so we won't be back until “Free Senior Day.” That equipment looks really neat, I hope the National Zoo has something like that, all our zoo has is a slide in a fake tree.

  2. Not only have they learned the material, now it will be an experience in their permanent memory! Such a great experience to visit the zoo or anywhere else for that matter. We love going to the zoo and it's even more fun when there's special events!

  3. WE love the zoo too. It's great that they remembered so much! Hopefully, we will actually get some of our science projects done so that we can link up again.

  4. We have a small zoo in our town. We're members and go there often. We never rush and enjoy it every time. There are great opportunities to learn and share at a zoo.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and a reminder to find time this week to walk through our small zoo.

    We're planning a trip to Denver this summer. The Zoo is on our list!

  5. I love your day at the zoo. 🙂

    re: social studies – no, it's not part of Rod and Staff. I have this children's encyclopedia book set that I am getting the topics from. Might make for a good post. 🙂 Thanks for the idea. 🙂

  6. What a fun trip to the zoo! I'm impressed they remembered your lessons! I had a great science idea this weekend but we never got to it so you'll just have to wait until next week!

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