Happy Anniversary to Me!


Eight years ago today I married my Prince Charming.  He’s the one on the right, at the swing dance we met at.  Jeff says, and I’ll admit he is right, we actually met earlier in Sunday School, but this is where I first remember Jeff really catching my eye.

About nine years ago our church was having it’s first ever annual swing dance (that was only held once), and I was debating about going.  I really wanted to go because I love to dance, and I’d been taking dance lessons so I actually knew how to swing dance.  But, I had a friend who was graduating up in Abilene, and I wanted to go to his graduation.  I had another friend who had invited me down to go with her down to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and I was really debating on this whole thing.  But, finally I felt God’s still quiet voice telling me I needed to go to this dance.  So, I did.  And obviously now I know why.

And a little over a year later we were married.  It was a very crazy year that year.  That was the year of 9-11, and my first year teaching, and the year my Dad died.   I don’t know how I would have survived all of that without Jeff.  I had a super hard year teaching, and my Dad’s sickness was hard on me and my extended family.

Since I met him Jeff has been a rock for me, and I’m so glad he has.

Drake leaving delivery

Since day one, he’s been a good Daddy.  He plays with the kids, and has fun with them.  And he can tell them no when it’s required.
The other day he came home and played hide and seek with the kids.  It was so cute!


There’s just something cute about a guy who is playing with kids, isn’t there?


How’s another eight years sound Jeff?  (this would sound a lot better if this were 10 or another multiple of ten, but hey this works).

19 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me!

  1. Hey, who WOULDN'T fall for a guy wearing white socks with his black shoes and dark-colored pants?

    CONGRATULATIONS on 8 years of beautiful chaos…at least, that's how our marriage often seems…

  2. Congrats! How wonderful that you have something so precious as marrying your hubby to help redeem that difficult year. I lost my dad earlier this year, so I can just imagine how hard it was. I've got my ninth anniversary coming up, but can't wait until the 10th! Forcing the man to splurge on an awesome vacation for just the two of us. 🙂

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