We got to see a horse, up close and personal

Maybe a little too personal, because I have a ziploc bag full of horse hair my friend nicely gave to me.  I did say she could, but still……



What’s a trip to go see horses without first stopping and looking at the lizard?  Actually I think we ended up deciding it was a gecko, but still it’s not a horse, but we had to look at it for a while.





007008 006

014First we learned how to feed a horse.  You have to make sure your hand is flat so the horse doesn’t accidentally bite your hand.  Batman wanted to feed the horse hay also, so then started another round of feeding the horse so everyone got to feed him some hay.





 019 028

Then they each got to take turns cleaning the horse.  They got to curry him, and brush him, and help pick out his hooves.  They learned it is very important to keep a horse’s hooves clean because otherwise he could get thrush, which can make his hooves hurt.



Then she showed us how she shaves the horse’s bridle path so the bridle lays on her head easier.  And that’s how I ended up with a bag full of horse hair in my car.  I have ideas of what we can use it for.  Probably doll hair on a peg doll.


And what’s seeing a horse without riding one?  And riding it bareback, even better!

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Okay, I wanted a little different way to show off the pictures.  Don’t get too used to this, it takes a lot of time.

12 thoughts on “We got to see a horse, up close and personal

  1. This is very cool! Emma got to ride an Apaloosa horse owned by one of Mike's coworkers last fall, but I had to stay home with the other two kids… Poor Princess, sliding off the horse in her silky pajamas =)

  2. This is fun. We haven't seen a horse so up and personal since Anna was about 20 months and we were visiting Germany. Some of her second cousins live on the farm in Northern Germany. I thought for a moment that it's an old visit and Princess is still in casts. Then I realized that it's her cowboy boots 🙂

  3. Hi Peter, Drake, and Wendy. We received your postcard today and were so excited! We loved the big bull and can't wait to get your recommended books out!

    The Moore Family (Rachel, Micah and Crystal)

  4. My eldest will be SO JEALOUS that y'all got to spend time with such a precious beast!

    (She has been promised a horse for a pet if we win the $220 million Power Ball lottery this week…she will be praying hard for good luck…)

  5. Hi Ticia! This is my first time visiting. I'm looking forward to searching and reading your blog. I tried to become a follower but my computer isn't cooperating. It had a virus a couple of days ago. So, I guess I'll be trying it next time. I'd love to participate in Science Sunday but I need to read the rules 1st. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences.
    Hugs from PR,

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