We play with our cousins!

We Play 


We’ve had cousins here visiting because of Mom’s wedding.  So, last Tuesday we decided to load everyone up in the van and go to Zilker Park, one of the super cool parks in the area.  I think I’ve taken my boys there about a dozen times, and not even scratched the surface of it.  Mainly because we never make it beyond the playground and the train.


010 009

We started our day at the park with a picnic because we got that late of a start, but it was all to the good because the park was crawling with kids on a field trip, so our little preschoolers would have just been overrun by the big first and second graders.  Then we headed into the Splash! exhibit.  If the kids had paid any attention beyond being able to look at cool stuff and run through a dark cave, they would have learned all about our local aquifer and how we get our water.  But, they mainly cared that they could push buttons.  In a few years however…….  A potential science topic.  Right now, fun buttons to push.


013 012

Then comes the obligatory trying to get a group picture of five kids, none of whom want to look at the camera at the same time.  Instead we got lots of yelling and putting fingers where they shouldn’t be in pictures. 


019 018

Finally after much impatience the train is ready to leave and we’re off for our thirty minute ride around the parts of the park we never go to.  And I apologize to Aunt Dawn and Princess, but I don’t have a good picture of you on the train.  Princess you were either frowning at me or like in this picture you were closed.



Little cousin had a lot of fun playing on this great big fire engine.  I have no clue if it was ever a real one, but they sure loved it.  And he took his shoes off.  We’re not really sure why.







And what’s a trip to the park for my kids without an injury?  This time poor Superman took the honors, and I was a mean Mom who snapped a quick picture before running over to rescue the poor guy.  I think he had a scrape, which was dubbed worthy of a band-aid.  Every little thing needs a band-aid.  I think the air bumped me, I need a band-aid.




028 022 023 025

But, even with the injury everyone had a fun time.  They played on the playscape for a good long time, and no one got seriously hurt.


033 029

And don’t forget even with the most wonderful playscape of all, you still need to have some plain old running around and digging in the rocks.



And what’s a better way to end the day than with ice cream?  So, we stopped by Dairy Queen and had a blast eating ice cream.  Yummy Reeses Peanut Butter cup blizzard for me, and dipped ice cream cones for them.  In order, Princess, Batman, Big Cousin, Superman, Little Cousin.



And after the cousins had been dropped off they got their five minute nap on the way home.  All in all, probably a near perfect day in my kid’s minds. 

11 thoughts on “We play with our cousins!

  1. Looks like your kids had lots of fun. What special memories. My kids only have 1 first cousin and they haven't seen her in a long time. By the time my brother has kids mine will be old enough to babysit. 🙂

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