Science Sunday: I’m sick


So, I’m not going to do the long write-up about the cave, besides which I need to be packing to head out of town tonight for a birthday party up in Dallas.

But, this leads us to my science topic for today.  Did you know that one variation of strep throat is a very itchy rash on your skin?  I didn’t until I went to the doctor yesterday and was told I had strep.  I was thinking a lot of other things, but not that.  So, now my entire torso and upper thighs are covered in spots.  I’d show you pictures, but I don’t think you want to see that.


So we had ice cream for breakfast this morning.  Yes, I know very healthy, but that’s about all I could imagine swallowing.


Batman came up with his own experiment though, he explained it to me in detail.  He wanted to find out if he added cereal to the ice cream if it would become more crunchy.

The steps as described by Batman:


1.   I put crunchy things in my ice cream.







2.  Then I mixed it and there was crunchy things.






3.  And that was all of my ‘speriment.  Now for my next experiment.


At that point I couldn’t hear what he was saying because he ran off to look at the caterpillar we found.  Honestly, I’m not sure what he was hoping to learn about this.  It did crack me up that he insisted this was an experiment.  And, ignore the dirty dishes in the picutres, “these are not the dishes you’re looking at.”


Hopefully on Monday I can post a couple of other things we’ve done this week.  It’s been one of those weeks with family in town and people not being where they said they’d be.  Sometimes dealing with family can be very frustrating.

10 thoughts on “Science Sunday: I’m sick

  1. Oh no you don't sound sell well at all. I have linked up for the first time this week, but we did cheat a little as we didn't do the experiments at home so please just let me know if you would rather I didn't link up in the future.

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