These are a few of my favorite things

“When the wind blows, when it’s cold at night….”
You know I think I know all the lyrics to that song, but not in the right order.  So I can sing it, but it probably won’t sound like when what’s her name that was also Mary Poppins sings it, but then my voice isn’t as good as hers anyways…….
So, what are my favorite things, well here they are as they occur to me, so this is not in any sort of order, other than the craziness of my brain…..
1.  musicals, and music in general.  But musicals in particular.  I always pick up musical soundtracks, and could probably sing to you large portions of several musicals.  Off hand I could sing along to Phantom of the Opera, The King and I, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown, Beauty and the Beast, Godspell (which I was in, as well as Charlie Brown), Big River, and a whole slew more.

2.  I love swing music, oldies, and Big Band.  I’m a sucker for a good swing dance.

3.  any time my kids tell me something about Jesus.  I love it when Princess will pipe up with something from the CDs we’ve been listening to recently, we’ve been on a Psalty kick.
4.  Books, going to bookstores, seeing a library full of books.  I love the scene in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast when he takes her into the library, and she’s just in awe of the books, I’d be the same way.  That’s probably why I had 6 boxes of books when I moved in college.  The picture above is all the books I had packed for moving in college.  Ummm, I had interesting labeling of my books.

0055.  Sewing, actually I’ve come to the conclusion it’s more about the creative process.  But, I still think I love sewing the most of all the crafts I’ve done.

6.  My family, I’m a bit of a homebody, and I love my family.  Even when they drive me nuts.  Which is often.

7.  Reading my Bible.  It’s hokey I know, but I do love to read the Bible, I love to listen to sermons, and find new things.  I’ve been having fun illustrating the Bible.  I was listening to one of Sean’s talks recently (my brother is a youth pastor at one of our sister churches) and he was talking about how he connects to God through seeing great epic movies, and seeing the grand scope of things, and I realized that creating things and making things for others is one of the ways I connect to God.  After all we have a very creative God, He created the universe from nothing, and he created the platypus and the kangaroo.  Don’t you think those are cool?

8.  Ummm, other stuff I like.  Okay, truthfully it’s midnight, and I don’t think I”m going to come up with ten.  That was my imaginary number I came up with to do this, but really I’m tired.  So, you guys guess what else might be some of my favorite things.  Man, now that songs stuck in my head again.

Oh, and since I didn’t originally put this in the wedding post.  Here’s how Jeff hurt his thumb:  he was trying to open one of the toy guns for the kids, and his knife slipped right through the plastic and was topped by his thumb.  After the appointment today, they decided he doesn’t need surgery, but he does need a rather large brace to keep him from using it.

I look forward to seeing what other people’s favorite things are, or if you’re not going to write a post about it, tell me in the comments, what are you favorite things?

Okay, seriously it’ is hurting to be awake, so I’m going to bed now.

So, I totally forgot to put in that this is hosted by Kylie over at Worldwide Classroom

18 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things

  1. Julie Andrews – and now I have that song in my head!!!!!!!!

    I'm a homebody too, and I love musicals, books (oh, I LOVE the smell of new books in bookstores), and I also love swing! I love that scene in Beauty and the Beast too!

  2. So what were your “Evil books?”

    I love bread. Cereal. My children giggling. My husband's big smile…and the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles. A real friendship. Lingering kisses. A clean house. Creating (like you it's the process). My daughter singing songs and reading books when she should be sleeping (usually I love this). Overnight getaways. Maybe I should post this!

  3. Such a fun post, as always! I love big band music too! Swing dance is my favorite and if I could, I would love to have a swing dance party for my wedding…unfortunately not everyone swings…Ooh, maybe a kiddie swing party?!!

    I connect to God through nature and epic stories/films as well but I can see God in most films even in non religious movies. But books are my favorites too! I love reading but more than that, I love owning them…the touch and feel of books. I'm a book hog and have a hard time parting with them. Love to see your interesting labels!

    Great list!

  4. I am happy about Jeff too. And I too was wondering what kind of books were in your Evil book box? I am a book addict. I think in another life I was a librarian. People think it odd that when I retire I want to work in a library. The smell of libraries. Ahhh. Love it.

  5. The evil books were the ones that didn't pack well into the boxes. The weird oversized books, the odd ones that just wouldn't stack well and messed up my ability to keep things nicely stacked.

  6. I don't think anyone who has actually read the Bible, would think it was a hokey thing to put on your list. I LOVE your definition of Evil Books – that's a good description for those off sizes. Not only do they not pack well, but they mess up the book shelves too 🙂

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